Thursday, December 7

Day 3

Oh so typical of the ugly cycle I seem to spin in and out of frequently!!

So here I am and I haven't posted in a month and I am proud to tell you I'm on day 3 of a different eating plan. I will tell anyone I'm the queen bee when it comes to my dvd workout collection and collection of books. Well maybe not Queen bee but more then some I'm sure. So what am I giving a try this time?................. You: On a diet, Waist Management...... that's WAIST not weight. I don't know exactly what it is but the things I've read so far and the eating etc just seem to click, kinda like things are falling into place. I know what I'm suppose to do and eat but this time its making more senses to me then any other time over the last couple of years.

So like I said today is Day 3 of 14. I'm walking 30 minutes a day and eating as outlined. I made the garden veggie soup and cucumber salad and was totally blown away by how good they actually are. Also made the Mediterranean chicken with w. kidney beans Tuesday night and eat the second serving last night for dinner.

Some info

So here's the breakdown

- suggestion is to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch to minimize your food choices. It's proven that people who do this loose more weight
- adds up to about 1300 to 1500 calories a day and I haven't felt famished or overly hungry

Breakfast: whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp of PB + tea w/s.milk
Snack 1: piece of fruit or probiotic yogurt options
Lunch: Garden Veggie soup + cucumber salad
Snack 2: probiotic yogurt w/ a fist full of raisins or mandarin/tangerine orange
Dinner: list of options including recipes
Dessert: recipes provided but I'm going with the 1 oz. of dark (70% + cocoa) chocolate
Snack 3: optional and same as snack 2 options

So far so good. Tonight I'm making Royal Provence Pasta! The recipes are simple and straight forward. Had to buy a few new things but have yet to come across some ingredient that I haven't heard of or couldn't find at the regular grocery store. so that's a definite bonus.