Friday, August 11

Day 11

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
11:00am - blueberries - .5pts

12:30pm - NV sweet n' salty bar - 4pts
2:00pm - chicken ceasar salad + fruit salad - 8pts
8:30pm - steak + corn on the cob -

Total Points: 18 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Thursday, August 10

Day 10

Totally weird night. I went to get an oil change after work, then to the post office before heading home. Sat down on the couch (5:45pm) hoping my husband would be back from a fire call shortly when bam I woke up at 9:30pm!!!!!!!!!! Then J finally came home around 9:45pm ice cream bars in tow. He was at a fire call all night.

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
11:30am - blueberries - .5pts

2:30pm - chicken + potato + veggies n' dip - 14pts
9:45pm - ice cream bar - 6pts

Total Points: 26 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Wednesday, August 9

Day 9

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
11:30pm -blueberries + NV sweet n' salty bar - 4pts

2:30pm - cucumber/tomatoe salad + lean turkey - 3pts
3:30pm - fudge - 6pts
8:30pm - hamburgers w/bun - 20pts

Total Points: 38.5 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Tuesday, August 8

Day 8

Ah yes........ back to work............ lucky me!

So on Friday considering it was pretty quite here at work I decided to bring in my balance/body ball whatever they call it. And that's what I've been using instead of a chair. I can definitely feel my body working harder on the ball then just lazing in my chair. I feel better about having to sit here all day long when it's on the ball vs. the chair. Feel like my body is working and it's going to benefit me in the long run. I wish I had of done this sooner but of course I worried what people would say and yes I did run into lots of laughs and snickers on Friday but today not so much, everyone is back to minding their own business while I get to put in 8 hours of core work! woohoo. Now of course my supervisor isn't back from her holiday so we'll see what kind of snide remarks I get from her tomorrow but over all now that people see that I haven't fallen off the ball and whipped out even the ladies upstairs said they'd like to give it a try!

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
12:30pm - salad (no dressing) + sliced turkey - 1pt

2:30pm - p. yogurt + blueberries + flaxseed - 2.5pts
4:30pm - JUNK + GARBAGE - 20pts
7:30pm - salad + steak - 8pts

Total Points: 37 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

For those of you who are WW savy and wondering how I came up with 24 to 29pts per day I just took my extra alottment of points for wach week (35) and added that to my daily points count as not to make myself more frustrated with the counting and trracking stuff.

Monday, August 7

Day 7

General day of nothingness. Laundry, groceries, website updates, email, dishes, and my favorite part chilling out.

Eating was pretty out of wack besides dinner.

General picking at food all day and eating too many frozen yogurt pops (8pts)
7:00pm - sausage + salad (oil/vinegar dressing) - 12 pts
9:00pm - chocolate chips/peanut butter - 4pts

Total Points: 29pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Sunday, August 6

Day 6

Sent to the waterfront again to make sure the dog (dad's dog) got a good swim. The waves where knocking him around so it didn't take long for him to get tired out. Then is was time for more website updates to my step mom's site. She's an artist and every 6 months we do a big update to her website of all her most recent paintings. Very exciting as she's started to sell a few with her most recent display at a law firm in Hamilton. And of course one more days work for dad and husband on the apartment. We had another superb lunch/dinner on the deck overlooking the neighborhood and valley below. Our house is weird the way it sits up on the hill, kind of like big brother of the neighborhood and we can see well past the houses that surround us.

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
4:30pm - bread + meats + cheese + dip + veggies - 14 pts
9:00pm - nibbles most of the evening - 10 pts

Total Points: 29.5 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Saturday, August 5

Day 5

Today my step mom and I went to Kempenfest, a rather large waterfront festival with hundreds of booths set up by artists displaying they're art, jewelry, wood work, paintings, photography, clothing etc. etc. for sale. We last about 2 hours by the time we found parking and got back out of town again. While we enjoyed the day my dad and husband where at the house working on the student apartment. It's getting there. Dad wants to spend one more day on it and then they're planning on heading home tomorrow so they can get a one days rest before the work week starts as Monday is a holiday.

8:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
1:30pm - roast beef n' cheddar whole wheat wrap + l. fat strawberry smoothie - 9pts

7:30pm - sausage + salad + corn + potatoes - 10pts
9:00pm - ice cream + strawberries - 5 pts

Total Points: 29.5 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Friday, August 4

Day 4

7:30am - cereal + blueberries + skim milk - 5.5pts
10:30am - p. yogurt + blueberries + flaxseed - 2.5pts
1:30pm - salad+ lean turkey + dressing + cheese- 5pts

2:20pm - chips - 4pts
3:30pm - peach +
10 almonds - 2pts
7:30pm - steak+ salad w/olive oil, vinager dressing + 1/2 slice rye bread - 10

9:00pm - green tea

Total Points: 21pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Thursday, August 3

Day 3

My dad and step mom arrived today around noon. So far the plumbing is done in our little student apartment and tomorrow while my husband and I are at work they'll be continuing with the work. We both feel a little guilty that we're at work while they're renovating but at the same time I know my dad and he'll likely get where he wants to be with less help faster. He did say tonight he's exactly on track with where he thought he'd be with the project so that's awesome. I'm sure by the end of the weekend we'll be ready to slap on the paint and then over the next couple of weeks put the finishing touches on the place. Hang shelves, lights, finish the built-in bed etc.

7:15am - cereal + strawberries + skim milk + green tea- 5pts
10:30am - p. yogurt + strawberries + flaxseed - 2.5pts
1:30pm - cucumber + cherry tomatoes + olive oil + lean turkey- 3pts
3:30pm - small nectarine - 0.5pts
5:30pm - 10 almonds - 2pts

8:30pm - bbq chicken breast + salad w/olive oil, vinager dressing + 1/2 slice rye bread - 8

9:00pm - green tea

Total Points: 21pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Wednesday, August 2

Day 2

7:30am - cereal + strawberries + skim milk - 5pts
11:30am - p. yogurt + 1/2 banana + flaxseed - 2.5pts
2:00pm - whole wheat bun + dijon + spinach + lean ham - 5pts
3:30pm - small nectarine - 0.5pts
4:30pm - 10 almonds - 2pts

5:30pm - cheese + lean s. meat - 4pts
7:30pm - ceasar salad + roasted chicken - 6pts
8:30pm - handful of chocolate chips - 1pt

Total Points: 26pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Workout consisted of moving all the crap from our little student apartment (in the works) to the garage and all the stuff in the furnace room to the garage or other places through out the house - 2 hours all together. Not a sweat like TJ but I wasn't sitting on the couch all night either.

Wow does that ever look like alot of food! The biggest thing for me has always been breakfast and letting my body go too long without food. So far so good!

Tuesday, August 1


I don't feel right about continuing with my 40 + days count because I've pretty much fallen off the wagon for the last 10 days and a good 30 days of that I wasn't working out. So today I post to my blog another day one and a desire and promise to myself to do better.

My focus this week is breakfast. I always eat this meal around 9:30 or 10am which is hours after I wake up each day. This morning I got up at 7am and had a bowl of Kashi crunch whole grain cereal + skim-milk + strawberries. I'm honestly suprised at how much I enjoyed it. lol And then this morning at 10:30am I had a snack. Plain yogurt + strawberries + 1tsp flax seed. I just received the diet guide info I purchased from someone on ebay so I'm trying to stick to that minus one snack.

I also got on the scale this morning and before me flashed the whooping 200.0 lbs. Personally I'm thinking an even 200 is a pretty good place to start and work my way down for good. I'm going to have my husband hide the scales so I can't get my hands on them. I've decided (after seeing a clip from Oprah) that I'm going to give my body the fair chance it needs to get into this eating and exercise routine and not weight myself for 2 months maybe longer depending on how good I'm feeling and looking. The scale can be such a huge distator of my mood from one day/week to the next (and I try not to weight myself more then a couple times a week). I realize more now then ever that my body is going need a little time to adjust and if I get on that scale I'm setting myself up for failure if I decide that day that the number has dropped or hasn't dropped far enough.

So here's a breakdown of where I stand today:

Weight - 200lbs
Neck - 14 3/4
Chest - 44 1/2
Waist @ bely button - 40
Hips - 47 1/2
L.Bicep - 14
R.Bicep - 14
L.Thigh - 24
R.Thigh - 23 1/2

My ultimate goal is gettng to an ideal weight that I feel I can maintain. I'm trusting my body for now to tell me what that is vs. saying I want to loose 70 lbs. My drive and focus comes from the fact that in another year my husband and I want get our family started. Not only am I focusing on my own health but his and our financial well being. I know everyone always says that you'll never have enough money to be able to afford kids but I do want less debt then we have now. We really want to be able to enjoy being pregnant and bringing this child into the world so the less we have to worry about other then daycare and how much of what we're going to need the better. At least that's my point of view right now I'm sure there are mothers/parents out there that would feel differently. But for now that's where my heads at.

7:00am - whole grain cereal + strawberries + skim-milk - 5pts
10:30am - p. yogurt + strawberries + ground flax seed - 2.5pts
12:00pm - cucumber & tomatoe salad + olive oil + parmessan - 2pts

3:00pm - chips - 4pts
9:00pm - okay eat something completely bad and aweful but this is my blog and I want to be honest and count the points - 25pts (but I'm not going to let this meal throw me off course for another 2 weeks)

Total Points: 38.5 pts
(allowed 24-29/day)

Photo shoot tonight so no time for a workout. Although some people might not see this as a difficult thing to do let me fill you in. I shoot intimate photographes of pregnant moms and it does get my heart rate going. I want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease and I work hard to make sure that every woman that leaves my studio is feeling good and proud of her growing belly. I'm always wiped after a shoot but it's a feeling of tiredness and complete happiness. I love it when I have a session with an expectant mom, young family, baby or toddler. Just so much fun!!