Tuesday, July 24

Daytona Tuesday

Just cause it's been so long since I've posted a picture of our furry kid... that nose... resting on my husband's seat as we head out on another camping trip.

All cleaned up after a trip to the doggie spa.

Monday, July 23

My hopes for 2011 - revisted

My Hopes for 2011 (revisited... did I do what I said I would?)

- start eating and moving as though I am actually pregnant... I need to step away from the desk more often then I do and respect my time to be quiet and peaceful.

I don't think I really started doing this until Winter 2012... although my girlfriends would probably tell you that in some way I was always doing something but I just feel more successful let's say at doing this part as of this year.

- purchase another lens to add to my equipment in 2011

...hmmmm don't remember... I did get a lens and I think it was in 2011

- network, network, network... keep building my business and make connections with people I can employ/subcontract to to ease the work load for when I need to take time away from my business when our baby finally decides to make their grand entrance into our lives.

...well I joined a networking group in April 2011... so check that off the list.

- photography workshop - the flight is already booked I just need to pay for the workshop next and I'm laughing... I can't wait to take off from my routine and meet some new and exciting photographers the end of August. And of course spend time with my "big sister" relaxing.... workshop is 3 days then I'll have another 7 to chill and process the info from the workshop too :-)

... this was a great trip. I didn't end up doing the workshop but had an amazing time with my "big sister"... I'm heading to see her again in less then 3 weeks

- build up business enough so we don't have to rent the student apartment in our basement come Sept.... I want to move my office into that room making it easier to meet with clients without having them walk through my home and worrying about how clean the kitchen is... ya know what I mean?

CHECK! Couldn't find a student renter in Sept. 2011 so another coat of pain and I'm not set up in the space and can see clients here... just wish it was big enough for photo shoots but whatever. 

- continued work with Daytona so we can walk past a dog without him mouthing off

Nope! Still mouthy

- have fun! take time out to enjoy my amazing husband... we have some little getaways and overnights planned for the summer, some camping etc so I'm looking forward to working on just being present and enjoying being able to do these things with him. We celebrated 5 years married this month and I think I fell in love with him even more that night. He means so much to me!
and of course....

6 years married and thankful I have him by my side and encouraging me along the way in all areas of our lives and careers. Biggest "holy crap!" for me/us this spring was him switching to the 6:30am class at crossfit (when I go) and us being able to work out together. I NEVER would have imagined I'd be in this place. We go together the first 3 mornings of the week for 6:30am

- baby, baby, baby... I just want to be pregnant and soon

... well as always a work in progress but feeling closer then ever with all the things we/I'm doing to get there...

2 posts in 1 day... look at me! lol.. I must be procrastinating on work.... lol

An update - July 23, 2012

yup, been a very long time since I've updated (over a year.. how did that happen?)... but truth is until the last couple of months we've just been at a stand still... trying on our own with no success.

So here it is... not pregnant yet

Early May I had the laposcopy surgery... dr cleaned up endo from my left side and drained a simple cyst from my right ovary. Took me 4 weeks to get back to crossfit but that was probably more mental then anything else. I took a pretty hard blow from someone close to me telling me how to become pregnant... yes you read that right. So it still plays on me mentally here and there. Ok so lap done and cleaned up and ready to go... cycle monitoring with the fertility clinic.. At this point I had also lost 25lbs since the end of January! woohooo!

1st cycle after lap - same as always.. and ridiculous pain with that period... holy crap!

2nd cycle after lap - see dr something like the day I started my period. He doesn't outright say you have PCOS but it's certainly looking like that... I'm on metformin. Holy crap! I ovulate CD 13/14... my norm was always 18/19 so obviously my body is liking even this tiny dose of metformin. But my luteal phase falls short and I only make it to CD 25 before period starts again. Bummer!

3rd cycle after lap - today is CD 8.. did bloodwork already on CD 5 and everything was fine. I didn't feel like adding to the ultrasound techs Saturday morning line up of TTC ladies so I'm waiting till CD 10 to check on my follicles. And will probably have to go CD 13 and then CD 16 to make sure the biggest one is gone (and we're going camping this weekend... oy! Not exactly prime location for baby making). We're just doing timed intercourse at this point and continuing to monitor my cycle so we know we're hitting the exact right time of the month.. what a load of worry that takes off :-) ... My husband has a big course in September and will be gone for 2 weeks... so after that we'll be diving into cycle monitoring and IUIs with each cycle to hopefully speed things up if we're still trying. This cycle I've added vitex to my supplement routine and I think the RN at the clinic might also give me a progesterone shot depending on how blood work pans out. I like knowing that we're going to tweak something each month... I feel a little less like I'm just beating my head against the wall... you know? gotta get the luteal phase to hold on a few more days just in case this is what's causing me not to make it to the 28-30 day mark and possibly loosing a pregnancy.. I'm not spending time thinking about that though. I'll keep looking ahead and focus on one day, week, month, cycle at a time.

So I'm really hoping that this blog won't be sitting dormant with nothing to share for another year... my fingers are crossed that we're almost there! :-)   I'm trying very hard not to take my foot off the gas until we get there.