Friday, September 19

I love "checking-in" with my naturopath.

I've been feeling unsettled since coming home from our holidays on the east coast and I don't know what it is... I feel like I should be planning something BIG, working toward something, DOING something. But instead I was reminded in my session yesterday to just sit in this calm place and see what comes to the surface....

We started on a journey with TTC this time last year and it took me (and my cycle telling me) until the spring to realize I was making myself, making my body crazy and throwing it all out of wack. So instead of trying yet another diet of which I knew I would fail and couldn't bare to start face more failure, more let down by my body I decided to start working from the inside out. Started TCM, seeing a therapist, slowing down and stopped beating myself up about where I'm at, where my body is at, and where my head is at.

So I'll wait, I'll sit on this calm but restless feeling and see what unfolds for me next.

Wednesday, September 17

so yesterday I had a hair appointment and brow wax and I FORGOT my wallet!!! doh!!!
but all is well and the very kind people where I was headed let me write a cheque (because I'm a regular client) and the spa let me put it on "my account!" an "account" at the spa could be a bad thing... I didn't know you could do that. lol

Tonight after work I have a massage and tomorrow a touch base appointment with my naturopath. i haven't been doing a very good job since holidays at taking my TCM supplements. Friday nothing and then a crazy weekend shooting an event and some grad photos saturday and a seminar in TO on sunday. I feel as though I'm catching up on sleep before this weekend starts AND I took Monday off to come down from my crazy weekend.

Monday, September 15

wanting.... longing.... needing

a thought... maybe this journey to becoming a mom isn't in my hands. maybe wanting to be a mom is forcing me down a path I've neglected to take until now and its forcing me to make sure I'm complete and whole and well and grounded and centered... maybe it isn't until all of this aligns that I'll finally find out that I'm pregnant. I'm still struggling with fear though... the fear that once all the other stuff aligns and settles that it will be too late.

Friday, September 12

so last night right after we both got home from work we headed south to Ikea to pick up bedside tables we've been planning/wanted to get for awhile... so exciting I know. lol

We opted for these (in brown/black) instead of these. Same price and more storage and our bedroom can handle the extra size. I'll try to take some before and afters this weekend as we are also getting a closet organizer and I can't wait to get that in and working for us. That means we have one armoir/two miss matched side tables and a very old blue three drawer dresser up for sale... going to try and sell them first but they need to go money or not.

So of course by the time we're back home and in bed its just about time for the news. News comes on... oh goody gas is going up .13 up and putting on my pants to go get said gas before it goes through the roof. Luckily the pioneer is pretty close and its always the cheaper place, but by the time I got there is was already busier then usual and then it got REAL busy by the time I waiting in line to pay for my own gas. I love being an adult. lol while I was there though i struck up a conversation with the woman pumping gas beside me and turns out she's unemployed... and I think I was suppose to learn something from that... I need to be far more appreciative of what I/we do have and not so concerned with what I don't have yet.

I'm listening universe and I got the tap on the shoulder. Thank you!

Thursday, September 11

I've been following Shanna's blog for awhile now and she just started a new one introducing the most precious angel I've seen in some time. Just makes my heart melt.

Thursday, September 4

Great blog find!!!

not that I'm going or planning to go "vegan" I still like meat... just do
BUT I love the look of some of these recipes and plan to give a couple a try soon