Tuesday, December 23

well no baby news to share this month :-( but on a positive note with all the holiday happenings I'm not feeling so depressed about it this month... no tears shed this time. And we'll be able to TTC again before DH is swamped with a huge tradeshow set up happening in Toronto... International Boat Show anyone?

I remember the first and well last time he took me to the show... we had been together 4 months. Its a pretty overwhelming show if you've never been and it was kinda fun to check out all these boats. Here are some tips for you:

1. wear something on your feet that are not only comfy but can also be slipped on and off as that's all you do when you're checking out the boats
2. water in purse and a snack
3. FYI... you will be approached repeatedly when entering booths
4. check out the smaller stuff first and work your way up to the B I G boats

DH took me to check out all the big stuff first and then I got super board looking at motors and little 18 foot boats.... when you just came from something that has pop up TV's (yes more then one) a couple of bathrooms, full kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer and more then one bedroom.... 18 feet looks like a dingy. LOL

Friday, December 12

Its been a pretty great month so far considering some of the outside pressures of job security, money spending, holidays, family expectations etc.

We are both hoping for a very special Christmas gift from Santa this year... but we're at a pretty good place in that if we don't get that BFP we'll be okay.

I saw my naturopath again last week (she's back in the office about 10 hours a week and her little guy is now 7 weeks on Monday) and she said two things that really stood out in a matter of 30 minutes (the length of our session)

I was talking to her about family just not getting or seeming to be sympathetic to what we're going through and she can totally identify with me as it took her and her DH 2 years to conceive. but what she said was you're morning the loss of a child every month, an unborn child every single month and I never looked at it from that perspective before... of course with every period came a short period of tears, frustration, feelings of failure, disappointment and fear...... every month morning the loss of the child we want so very very much. WOW!

The other thing she said is if we haven't conceived by spring we'll take the next step... next step consists of some fertility monitoring with fertility clinic in our small town (which I'm told some of her other patients have had great success and experienced excellent bedside manner). The words charting, tests and ultrasounds came up and of course have DH tested to which I had my own questions answered about just how that takes place (not what the movies/tv would have you think which was a big relief and something I know DH won't have a problem with). I feel good about where we're at in the TTC journey and our relationship and our renewed excitement... DH has taken the bull by the horns lol and we're having more fun baby dancing then we have in a while *blushing* so like I said we're in a great place.

Something else I've been visualizing is what Christy said about having a bouncing baby with us next holiday season at all these family gatherings that have proven to add to the bag of stresses then been a place of comfort and acceptance. We are growing stronger and stronger as a couple and as a growing family.

Thursday, December 11

Just havin' a little fun at work.

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Thursday, December 4

Love it!

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