Thursday, January 31


I love aquafit! what a great workout and you don't even realize it until you're out of the pool about to walk up the stairs to leave. I live it a smaller "city" and we don't have a rec center...... so aquafit is at one of the local hotel pools which can make for interesting entertainment for everyone involved. but most times I can get in the zone and stop worrying about what I must look like leaping out of the water, jogging around in a circle or alternating heel touches with my arms flying in and out of the water. LOL

1. cheerios + s.milk
2. 1/2 c. plain yogurt + kiwi + heaping tsp. ground flaxseed

3. small chicken ceasar salad + 5 mini ww pitas, 3 olives, lemon dill hummus
Edit - boston pizza - tuscan 8" (920 cal "holy #$^&$) + sm. ceasar salad (250 cal)
6. 2 dark chocolate squares (105 cal)

Water: 107 fl.oz.

Active: thinking of trying out my hip hop abs DVD tonight, haven't even popped one of those in the DVD player yet. what I actually ended up doing was errands with my husband, lots of them! lol we didn't make it home till almost 9pm
some fun at work

Wednesday, January 30


So it's Wednesday and my little sister, flew in from NB last night, she's at my Dad and step mom's though and this weekend we are all going to meet up at the cottage a.k.a. Hanover. I love my sister very much be we could not be more complete opposites MOST of the time and I have a confession to make... I've been dreading her visit just a little. Over a year ago she joined weight watchers and lost a TON of weight. Her initial motive was my wedding day, yes I said my as in my day and I on the other hand couldn't drop more then 5 pounds before the big day (probably didn't help that the dress already fit and if I lost too much I would have no dress that fit). Anyways my sister looks great but sometimes she says really stupid things like "you have so much to loose, you'll drop lots of weight really fast" and the only comfort I take away from watching her going on and on about food and what she does or doesn't do is that she ......get ready for it.... smokes! She smokes and how is that keeping her healthy. I worry about her. I worry that she's lost all this weight in the most unhealthy way and it's going to come back and bit her in the ass. But if I try to offer something up about being healthy and taking care of yourself it's brushed off cause I feel she's thinking "how do you know what's healthy? look at you!"

I want this to be a great weekend, I know it will be. I just hope I've got myself in the best place possible that all the little jabs from person 1 and 2 will be kept to a minimum AND to top it off if TOM arrives this Sunday.... well it means we are onto try #6 so there will be the disappointment to shake off once again.

On a positive note the scale moved again and I lost almost 1 pound this week. I'm okay with this considering the minimal amount of physical actively I've been doing. And "they" say 1 to 2 pounds per week is what I should be aiming for.

1. cheerios + s.milk
1 green tea
2. 20 almonds

3. 5 olives + hummus + 5 mini pitas + 2 hard boiled eggs
4. yogurt + kiwi + g.flax
1/2 blue label pizza (250 cal) + salad + 2 spring rolls (220 cal)
6. 2 dark chocolate squares (105 cal) - saving this for after aquafit, have to drive past a tim's to get to aquafit and sometimes I so just want a box of timbits, I looked it up 5 - honey dip and 5 - chocolate is almost 800 cal) - yuck!

Water: 88 fl. oz.

Active: Aquafit tonight!

Trying to be oh so good this week because the weekend will bring temptation!

Tuesday, January 29


1. 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg + 3 slices lean turkey deli meat
2. 2 hard boiled eggs

3. sausage tortillini soup + pear
4. 20 almonds

5. chicken + ceasar salad + 5 olives
6. 2 dark chocolate squares (105 cal)

Water: 107 fl. oz.

Active: 30 minutes elliptical (270+ cal burned!)

Monday, January 28


1. yogurt + almonds

3. leftovers from last night
4. 2 hard boiled eggs
5. roast beef w cheese on a white bun (white bun so bad :-( + homemade tortillini soup
6. frozen real juice pop (80 cal)

Water: 107 fl. oz.

Active: aquafit - I worked really hard tonight and was so pooped by the end of class, but monday nights are not my favorite because there are way too many ladies.

Sunday, January 27


I slept in until almost 10am!!!! glorious sleep!

pancakes + 2.5 tbsp. real maple syrup (150 cal) + 1/2 an orange + s.milk
3. raspberry real juice pop
4. 1 toberone mini (180 cal) - 3 pieces to Jamie


Active: we worked up a sweat cleaning our bedroom today! holy cow dusty! but it looks so great now and I also bathed the dog, he was a little musty spelling but squeaky clean now.

Jamie's making a tortellini and veg soup AND a pot roast for dinner tonight! so yummy!

Saturday, January 26


1. 2 hard boiled eggs + 6 strawberries + green tea
3. c
heese burger + salad w/ l. italian dressing + 1 small milk
second half of leftovers from last night (no salad)
6. strawberries w/cool whip and tea biscuit



Friday, January 25


Well I took a peak at the scale and I'm so glad I did. I'm back to where I was before my screwed up weekend and start to this week so I'm feeling good about next Wednesday and what kind of drop I'll see then. I really want to see the scale go below 210 but I'm okay if that doesn't happen by Wed. cause I know it's coming.

Just last May I was down to 192 and that's my first goal. I want to see that number again. I can't believe I actually put on 26 lbs in 8 months, that's just awful... why did I do that to myself?!

1. 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg scrambled with lean turkey slices
1 cups of green tea
2. 20 almonds
3. salad + chicken + o. oil/vinegar dressing
4. plain yogurt + kiwi + 1 tbsp ground flax seed
1 cups of green tea
5. theo's souvlaki chicken 1/2 of it + small greek salad

Water: 107 fl.oz.

Active: clean up the living room for a photo shoot tomorrow! Looking forward to picking up my camera for the first time this month. So many great things have been happening this month I'm really looking forward to how 2008 is going to play out.

Diet Mistakes: 6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight
By Kathleen M. Zelman, LD, MPH, RD
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-Feature

1. Racing to the Finish (to finish you're meal that is)
2. Skipping Meals
3. To Many Liquid Calories
4. Oversized Portions
5. Choosing Unhealthy Add-Ons
6. Mindless Eating

Thursday, January 24


Okay today is Day 1 of 10
(but we'll call it day 1 of 9 cause day 10 will be spent at my dad and step mom's place in Hanover as my little sis is coming to visit)

Tonight I'm going to do Turbo Jam cardio party to get the blood pumping

I need this kick start so I can see a change and make the next couple of weeks in weight loss more disciplined, I think that's the right word.

1. 5 egg whites + 1 whole egg scrambled with lean turkey slices
2 cups of green tea
2. 20 almonds
3. salad + chicken + light Italian dressing
4. plain yogurt + kiwi + 1 tbsp ground flax seed
2 cups of green tea
5. large salad with oil/vinegar dressing + 1 chicken breast

Water: 64 fl.oz + 4 cups of tea

Active: turbo jam cp3 - 55 min

Wednesday, January 23

1. cherrios w/ s.milk + banana
2. cake (Jen's b-day today - work friend)
3. cheese, crackers + carrots
4. 2 hard boiled eggs
5. yogurt
6. kd (I know so shit but had to get something on my tummy and I didn't prep properly for this week at all)
7. one frozen juice pop (80 cal)

Water: 64 fl.oz.

Active: massage after work and then aquafit tonight!

Tuesday, January 22

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk
2. cherrios w/ s.milk + kiwi
3. veggies + dip
4. chocolate bar + bag of ketchup chips
5. fish and chips at Montana's

Water: 32+ fl. oz.

Active: running snow blower and shoveling the deck/steps
Chalene Johnson - Turbo Jam creator

... here's a few words of motivation for those of you doing the 10 Day. Keep this in mind...

It's only ten days. The more serious you are, the more astonishing your results.

Every year you say you're going try. This year you DO. This time it's truly different.

You will do it this time! Picture your "After" photo in your mind and what it will take to get you there.

Visualize it.
Failure is not an option.

If you follow the plan, you will lose weight and inches! Those who do not follow the plan will not see dramatic results.

It's all up to one person ….YOU. It's very empowering. It is self love.

Post a picture of someone whose physique or accomplishments are your inspiration. Post it on your fridge or in your pantry.

Remember, smaller portions, eat less at night. Snack less. No drinks with calories.

Avoid thinking, "Oh, this won't hurt." as you snack or eat more than you need.Be a buddy. Everything is easier when you have a friend on the same journey!

Involve the whole family, the whole office, and your circle of friends in your new healthy lifestyle.

Throw it away! Toss it! There are two or three things in your home, right now, that you can't resist. They are more harmful than helpful. Toss them!

Eliminate that negative voice in your head.
Think only positive, "I can do this." "I can see myself thinner, more fit and with more energy.", "My body is finally working with me, not against me." "Now I have the tools to be successful. Now I have the personal motivation. Now I'm finally ready." Studies show that people who were able to repeat positive thoughts while on a diet were able to shed far more pounds and inches than those who repeated negative comments, even jokingly, about their progress or lack thereof.

Lack of time is not the problem. No one "has" time. You must make time. Our last 3 Presidents (before solving the World's problems) all made time for daily fitness. You can make time for fitness.

Don't leave it to chance. Fitness requires some planning. Get up earlier and workout with me before you go to work. A workout is the best way to start the day! Not a morning person? Too bad. Too tired after work? "Get over it!"

If you feel great and already did Turbo Jam today, don't stop there! Do another! Do a longer program. Be more active! Go for a power walk with your best friend or your daughter.

Water! Drink more water!

Eat less, eat right, and do Turbo Jam with me! This really works. It has worked for hundreds who continue to lose and KEEP IT OFF year after year. People who year after year just keep getting more and more fit.

Exercise gives you energy. It improves your sex life, your productivity, your mood, your outlook, your attitude, your patience, your posture and your waistline. All of this and the best part is it's LEGAL!!!!

It's only 10 days. Don't "try" to give 100%.... JUST DO IT.

- Fruits, veggies, UNPROCESSED foods, whole grains, raw fish

- If it's white and soft DON'T do it!
- That means muffins, breads, bagels, potatos (

- that means RAW fruits, veggies, fish. (Like fresh broccoli, carrots, spinach, apples, blueberries, strawberries, edemoomoo, tuna, salmon, etc.)

- Turbo Jam or Turbo Kick, cardio intensive programs
- Create a calorie defecit!
- People who add strength training (aka: weights) 3 times a week WITH their cardio see results 30% FASTER than those who do just cardio
- Train like you're an athlete
- Create a schedule of least resistance! Which means don't plan your workout at a time when you know you will be busy! Get up an hour earlier when the kids are asleep. Make the time for you so you know you can get it done!

- pretty obvious. It's ok to go to bed hungry! Plus you get to wake up with the nice flat morning stomach!

- This will help you to see where you might be going wrong

- Simply put it means eat less. Think of a portions size looking like the size of a deck of cards. And not the novelty JUMBO sized playing cards you freakin cheaters.
- Look at airplane food. Notice how they bring it to you on the tray with everything seperated. THAT'S normal portion sizes. That's how we should be eating. Size wise, not airplane food cause that's just gross.

- The metabolism slows after 2 1/2 hours without food, when this happens it can lead to insatiable hunger and uncontrolled snacking.
- take some kashi bars with you. Get the lil' ziplock baggies and prepack them with almonds or granola or dried blueberries and cranberries. Put them with your purse or bag in the morning so you don't leave them behind. (those are my own personal tips there that I use)

- know what your downfall is
- what's your food weakness?
- what emotion causes you to eat?
- what environment do you find yourself mindlessley eating?
- who makes you feel like you can never do it?
-Once you identify these things eliminate them from your life or avoid putting yourself in those situations

- yup I put that in different languages just incase you don't comprende. Originally, seeing as how it's the 10 in 10, it was only supposed to be for 10 days. But Chalene made a VERY good point and that was "If you have a problem withholding from alcohol for 10 days then you NEED to stay away from it for 30"

- This is more for people like me, I think, who are eeking by on 6-7 hours a night. One should get 8 GOOD hours of sleep. If you aren't then you need to cut something out and give yourself and your body that extra time to rest.

Monday, January 21

1. cheerios + s.milk
2. banana + yogurt + 1/2 oatmeal bar (too sugary)
3. 2 hard boiled eggs (at 4:00pm) I'm so not on track with my eating today
4. cheese, lean kabosa, 4 triscuits
5. sc 1/4 chicken dinner + half potato

Water: 64 fl. oz.

Active: Aquafit tonight but I didn't make it

Sunday, January 20

1. cheerios + s.milk + butter tart
2. 2 hard boiled eggs
3. ice cream
4. 1/2 ww begal with herb and garlic cream cheese
5. left over tortilline with extra tomato sauce

Water: 2 glasses maybe


Saturday, January 19

1. cheerios w/ s.milk
2. leftovers from Theo's (the other half)
3. 8 triscuts with cream cheese + roast beef slices
4. 2 muffins (from our sweet neighbour)
5. spinach and cheese tortillini
6. ice crean

Water: 32 fl. oz.

Active: shoveling!

Friday, January 18

“It’s so easy to forget that a part of our job raising a family is to teach them to be nutritionally responsible and that it all begins with a good example.” (Ely, 81)

All I can say is WOW. my reflexology appointment last night was amazing. I kinda felt like I saw a psychic. She pin pointed everything that I already new about my body, emotions are tight, I carry my stress in 3 parts of my back and shoulders and she told me exactly where and it was exactly where I'm adjusted by the chiropractor every time.

She is concerned that I may have endometriosis and was surprised that I have never been diagnosed with it and wanted me to ask the other women in my family if possible what there experiences have been with their cycles. the cramping and constipation I feel during TOM are symptoms of endometriosis and she said basically when the egg is being released there is debris there too and the debri is falling and sort of hardening on my organs. She told me I should be concerned but on top of tracking my cycle I should also be tracking my menstrual pain because it's been such a huge issue for me over the years.

in the TTC area she said the right side was plum and good, my pelvic floor is good but my uterus can be weak at times and kind of fall over which in turn could keep the sperm from making it through, she told me after BD to bring my knees up to my chest and stay on my back for about 10 minutes to keep the passage way open for the sperm. also we talked about labour and she told me that she was a midwife in the UK and women of my height (not quite 5 foot 4) would not be allowed to deliver naturally. I told her my mom is shorter then me and had 2 c-sections. this all makes a shit load of sense to me and although I wish I could have a v-delivery I kind of know in my heart that it will end up being a c-section. but she told me to still go with a midwife and they will allow me to labour naturally and when I've had enough get the epidural and have the c-section. labouring will only make my body stronger.

the sensation I felt through my body as she was going through everything via my feet was something like mint lotion, you know that tingle feeling it can give on your skin, that's how it feels on my insides. I can even feel it this morning across my lower abdomen and I checked my fertility with my saliva tester and I do have ferning!

I'm sure I'll remember more but for now that's it.

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk
green tea @ work
2. 3/4 c. cheerios + s.milk
3. chicken + veg soup + orange
4. veggies + dip
5. yogurt + almonds
6. theo's chicken souvlaki dinner (but I only eat half of it + the salad that came with)

Water: 107 fl.oz.


Thursday, January 17

I have my first ever reflexology appointment tonight at my friends wellness studio. I'm looking forward to it. although I don't have any known fertility issues I've read good things about reflexology and pregnancy. I've done the temp thing and charting and I know that my cycle is beyond regular so I know where our window of opportunity is and that is really all I need to know, no need to be stressing myself out beyond belief with watching the temps go up and down after ovulation and obsessing about it. last month my temps couldn't have been more perfect but come 10 dpo down it went and along came AF. so I'm livin' life, putting into action my healthier habits, making change and we're doing the baby dance in that "window" and with that I know we'll get there. I just really hope we won't be waiting too too long though, everything I've read says it takes the average couple 6 to 12 months to conceive and this will be month 5 for us.

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk + cantaloupe
2. 3/4 c. cheerios + 1/2 c. s.milk
3. veggies and dip
4. my homemade hamburger helper + salad + hot chocolate that my handsome man dropped off to me at work *yummy*
5. yogurt
6. 1 cup of leftover HB Helper + 2 samosas (200) + 4 spring rolls (160) + garlic sticks (these are all gone now, so we won't be buying anymore of those, honestly they looked good on the box but not so great overall)

Water: 107 fl.oz.

Active: Reflexology appointment

Wednesday, January 16

weigh-in this morning and I'm down 0.2lbs but what did I expect when I had KFC, SC and a buffet dinner on Saturday night. At least I didn't go up! eek - a continuous downward fall is what I want to keep on seeing.

We got our elliptical last night and got it all put together. Jamie even worked out last night! I'm so proud of him. this is going to be our year, we're going to make it right and do what needs to be done, not without its ups and downs and set back but we will do it!!!

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk + cantalop
2. 1 hard boiled eggs + 3/4 c. cheerios + 1/2 c. s.milk
3. leftovers steak and veggies (eat minimal noodles) + hot chocolate frm Tims (220)
4. yogurt + 12 almonds
5. my homemade hamburger helper + salad

Water: 96 fl.oz.

Active: Aquafit tonight! 45 min = 288 cals burned
Great workout tonight, not so many ladies in the pool this time round.

Tuesday, January 15

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk + cantalop
2. 2 hard boiled eggs + veggies + dip
3. homemade chicken/veg soup
4. orange
5. steak stirfry with noodles (the bad part)
6. 4 arroot cookies + cantalop

Water: 64 fl. oz.


Monday, January 14

YEAH first night of aquafit is tonight, and we bought an elliptical which should arrive on Wednesday! Jamie really wanted it so he can get his cardio in everyday and it was always my preferred cardio piece when I was a regular at the gym. but that said I don't care to ever join a gym again. its just not for me, prefer my yoga and cardio dvd's at home.

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk + cantalop
2. 2 hard boiled eggs
3. curried chicken/veg + couscous
4. orange + 10 almonds
5. kd w/ veggies and dip

Water: 64 fl. oz.

Active: Aquafit tonight! 45 min = 288 cals burned

Sunday, January 13

prepped all our veggies bags for the week
cut up the cantalope too and we have left overs from dinner for lunch tomorrow! perfect and my husband made chicken soup.

3. blue pizza
4. cantalope
5. curried chicken/veg + couscous


Saturday, January 12

1. ww toast + PB + s.milk
5. buffet dinner at racetrack, was better then I would normally be. wasn't a freefral and didn't completely stuff myself - overall was disappointed with the buffet, so bland, no zest to the dishes


Friday, January 11

1. ww toast + PB + s.milk
2. 2 hard boiled eggs + mini coffee cake
3. soup
4. starbucks non-fat chia latte
5. KFC big crunch combo
6. ice cream

Water: 64 fl. oz.

Thursday, January 10

1. ww toast + PB + s.milk
2. 2 hard boiled eggs
3. veggies + dip and left over SC chicken (white meat)
4. ice cream (couple of spoonfuls)
5. steak + light ceasar salad
6. more ice cream + one coffee cake

Water: 64 fl. oz.

Wednesday, January 9

okay official weigh-in this morning 215! was 214.5 earlier this week but its that time of the month so I'm feelin' a little bloated still.

got my new swimsuit for aquafit last night, ordered it from the sears catalogue, 2 sizes and I'm happy to say I sent the bigger/larger size back. Aquafit starts next week, I signed up for 2 nights a week, Mon/Wed. and I'll start adding some of my DVD workouts to the mix too.

1. ww toast + PB + s.milk
2. 2 hard boiled eggs
3. veggies + dip
4. orange
5. blue menu pizza (500 cal for whole thing)
6. donut, peeps marshmellows chicks, cream egg, ice cream (oh dear, well what's done is done, onto tomorrow!)

Water: 64 fl. oz.

Tuesday, January 8

another day another dollar and of course I knew having my own 4 walls was too much to ask for. My boss has just let me know so I won't be blind sided my a certain control freek that I'm likely going to be moving back over to the old location I was in before *giddy up* could this day get any better? I have to think positive though, nothing is confirmed just yet. but holy F, that would truly suck!

1. ww toast + PB + s.milk
2. s. yogurt + 1 hard boiled egg
3. salad w/left over chicken salsa
4. banana + 12 almonds
5. sw chicken w/baked potato
6. moose tracks ice cream (1.5 cups worth of it)

Water: 64 fl. oz.
+ lemon

Monday, January 7

home sick today, serious menstral cramps, yes that's right got AF so no baby this month.

2. 2 hard boiled eggs + orange
3. small salad + 2 slices roast beef
4. almonds + banana
5. salsa chicken + 1/4 cup rice + large salad
6. 10 arrowroot cookies

Water: 64 fl.oz.
+ lemon

Sunday, January 6

got on the scale this morning and it said 214.5!!!!! can't wait to see what number is waiting for me on Wednesday!!! also the day i plan to take a HPT if I don't get AF by then, so far so good! *everything crossed*


3: 2 hard-boiled eggs, veggies + dip


(included juice of half a lemon in first bottle)

Love how this is broken down (Pregnancy without Pounds)
So how exactly do you make goals that stick? The first step is to work through the 5 Stages of Goal Setting:

1. Awareness: I am aware that I need to change

2. Cognition: I know how to change

3. Emotion: I want to change

4. Decision: I have decided to change

5. Action: I am changing

Saturday, January 5

1. ww toast with PB + smik milk
2. left over sausage and peppers
3. veggies + dip
5. tacos

Water: 48 fl. oz.
(with lemon)

Friday, January 4

fingers crossed please please let this be the month. this will be our forth time TTC and so far I'm 10 DPO and waiting to test, if I don't have my period by Tuesday and my temps keep up things will be looking good.

1: ww toast, PB, s. milk
2: 2 hard-boiled eggs + kiwi
3: veggies + dip
4: soup

5. orange + almonds

(included juice of half a lemon in first bottle)

I think going with the 1 to 6 numbers follows my eating plan better, I've been eating every 2 to 3 hours the last couple of days so it looks weird to be having 2 snacks after what one might consider lunch.

I've been all over the fertility friend message boards and I've gotten some great response re: my BBT chart, things are looking good so far but I'm still waiting till Tuesday/Wednesday to test. Hopefully I can keep myself busy this weekend while my husband is down at the boat show setting up. I know I can do it!!! I have to do it I don't want to get a false + or - because I didn't wait long enough. grrrr

Thursday, January 3

got on the scale this morning and it said 216. I'm waiting to see if we where successful at TTC this month so I try to take the scale with a grain of salt (of course seeing 218 got my ass moving) but with women I guess I figure the scale is going to move around with our cycles and such. maybe its just an excuse I keep tell myself though.

breakfast: ww toast, PB, s. milk
snack: 2 hard boiled egg, 8 shrimp + sauce
lunch: last nights left overs
snack: veggies and dip + kiwi
dinner: swiss chalet 1/4 chicken w/fries

water: 60 fl.oz.
(included juice of half a lemon in first bottle)

Wednesday, January 2

for Christmas my husband gave me beautiful ring, one that I wanted when we had our first child. as we are still in the 2 week wait period to see if Santa left us with the most precious gift of them all I'm trying to do what I've always said I would do, eat as though I was/am pregnant. New years eve I scarfed down the last of the cheeses I had bought, chocolate is all gone and more salads and veggies being prepared.

Last night I made the "waist" management soup. Want to try and stick to that eating plan to bring down the bloating, clean me out my system and get things moving again. ah yeas again, I have a bit of dislike for that word.

breakfast: ww toast, PB, s. milk
snack: strawberry yogurt
lunch: soup
snack: 3oz bbq steak
snack: 12 shrimp + 1 c. veggies w/dip
dinner: sausage and peppers with spaghetti
snack: -

water: 64 fl.oz.