Tuesday, December 15

Daytona Tuesday

This was the picture that captured my heart almost 3 years ago. How cute is he?!

We adopted Daytona from the humaine society 3 years ago come March 2010. We think he got the name Daytona because he was probably being processed into the adoption system just around Daytona 500 time. He was found abandoned on the streets of Kitchener in January!

Tuesday, December 8

Family Recipe - Arrowroot Cookie Squares

Fertility Chick and I where discussing holiday baking via twitter not too long ago and I promised to share this family favorite recipe.

Arrowroot Cookie Squares

Crumble 30 arrowroot cookies into a bowl and 1/2 cup of walnuts

Sauce: (cook until thick)

2 eggs
4 tbsp. cocoa (good heaping sizes)
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup margarine
a little dissolved instant coffee

Add above sauce to cookies & walnuts, mix well and pat into pan (9x13) and then chill

**** If making a doubled batch use 44 cookies (NOT 60)

Let stand in fridge for a few hours and then ice with coffee icing

You'll want to cut these squares small as they hold a powerful punch of sugar but are oh so good!

Enjoy! :-)

Daytona Tuesday

Happy Holiday Planning!

Daytona again at my dad and step mom's place... this was taken December 2008. The ear is up only because the wind put it there. LOL

Thursday, December 3

Yeti Daycare

Yeti Daycare
Originally uploaded by Back in the Pack
I just love this guys sense of humor... I think most dog owners have a great sense of humor overall anyways but I couldn't resist this image and had to share it with you. I only wish he was here in our city so we could send Daytona to his daycare.

Wednesday, December 2

holiday shopping

I think (and I'm almost afraid to say it)... but I think I'm almost done!

Just a few more gift cards to pick up and then it's all about the framing, wrapping and mailing. What a relief... have you ever noticed that sometimes in life you take control of the easiest things that can be crossed off the list of TO DOs? I think that's why I've managed to get this all out of the way so quickly. I have control over it... well as much as my pay cheque will allow anyways.

Now if I could just dive into all the other things I need to do with such determination.

As for the 2 week wait I'm feeling full of hope. can't go wrong with 5 rounds of BD'ing AND a cycle monitoring.. well I'm sure you could go wrong but I'm still hoping we get our Christmas wish!

I hate to be the barer of bad news but only 23 sleeps left till Christmas! YIKES!!!

Tuesday, December 1


does anyone else find the BD'ing is limited to the "window" most of the time?! LOL We can't be the only ones that spend that 2 week wait and then some in "recovery, catch up on sleep, is it time to start again" mode...?

Tell me I'm not alone!

Daytona Tuesday

My brother Brandy (yes the dog) on the left, DH and Daytona. This was taken at my dad and step mom's place just outside Hanover... we LOVE spending time there and Daytona probably loves it just a little bit more since he gets to run around all day long exploring. Thankfully he never goes very far but we get to run him hard when we rip around the 36 acres on the 4-wheeler. It's the only time we seem to be able to actually completely exhaust him and he'll climb the stairs to our room and to bed before anyone else. LOL

So much fun!