Friday, February 15

last night I had a great reflexology session. I think I fell asleep at some point..aahhhh it was just wonderful. I was so mellow after words and kinda giddy. lol

Thursday, February 14

I rec'd two beautiful pink roses from Jamie and an awesome card. What's really crazy is we both bought cards what had the same sentiment and wrote about the same things.

1. cheerios + s.milk
2. 2 apple/fig cookies
3. smallest ceaser salad ever + mini pitas + hummus + 3 olives
4. 20 almonds + 1/2 cup s. yogurt
5. sc chicken dinner + ice cream cake - oh dear!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

I know dh and I got each other cards but really this day just feels like another day to spend more money so even though I would love flowers or something I'm really looking forward to my reflexology appointment and take out from our favorite restaurant in town, pj's and a night on the couch with my husband!

Wednesday, February 13

so this last week has been a little off for me, trying to pull myself back onto the wagon!

I have a massage right afterwork and tomorrow another reflexology appointment.

1. cheerios + s.milk
2. 2 apple/fig cookies + green tea
3. chicken, beans, spanish rice + hummus + mini pitas
4. clementine
5. ceasar salad + mozza grilled cheese on rye bread
6. chocolate

Water: 32 fl. oz.

Monday, February 11

feeling so PLUCK! I think ... no I know I over did it on the sugar this weekend and think I'm suffering withdrawl or something, awful headache yesterday and today and I just really REALLY don't want to be sitting here at this desk being reminded once again today that I'm completely unappreciated at this job and that I need to make a change fast before I loose myself completely.

there is a big anniversary party march 1 being held by my employer and I DO NOT want to go. I don't feel I should have to considering I do live 30 minutes away and why should I have to spend yet another 4 hours with some people that don't respect me or my work or my value to this company. Yes there are people I do enjoy working with here but we are all suffering from the same ill effect of working for this employer. I'm considering telling a little white lie that my husband got me a weekend in Niagara for valentines and we won't be in town. that's innocent enough isn't it?! even better if we actually do it LOL we've wanted to for awhile now.

looking forward to a massage wednesday and reflexology thursday....... :-)

Friday, February 8

screwed up body image.

I thought I was heavy in high school, always thought I had weight to loose... what I would give now to go back and shake the crap out of that girl...

interesting that I appear on the right in each picture with my best friend growing up.

1996 Xmas formal

first xmas home after moving to ontario '97 or '98
and day pics... okay almost 2 years ago.... and I was 192 then.

Thursday, February 7


There was no way I was getting off my street this morning, plows didn't come by until 6:30pm tonight. I have a 30+ minute drive into work each morning and I had more then enough work with me to keep me going all day so opted to stay home then deal with the head ache of trying to get there. Probably not what my boss would prefer but she's not exactly a nice person and likes to point out "I'm not the one that bought a house in... so far away" to which I really want to snap back " you don't pay me enough to buy a home in the city I work in"

Its time for me to find a new job.

Its deep out here!
Please let me in MOM!

Wednesday, February 6

Well AF arrived, no baby this month onto try #6. I'm okay, not nearly as disappointed as I was last month... thinking it might have something to do with my much healthier eating habits.

update: k, I thought I was okay until I called my friend (who is an RMT and owns her own clinic/spa) to book my second reflexology appointment. She reminded me I can't look at it as try #6 but just to stay focused on having a healthy happy baby and that it will happen, I just need to stay focused and open to it.

At my first reflexology appointment I was asked if I was ever diagnosed with endometriosis and I haven't but it left me wondering if my monthly cycle and cramping is something I should be worried about. I've always had cramps and I've learned over the years that the first point of action is my heating pad on my back, a couple of tylenol and back to bed for a couple of hours + regular visits to my chiropractor. My flow lasts 3 days and I'm a pretty regular 28 to 30 day cycle so I've never been concerned. But in typical fashion it would seem when you want something so much it seems so very far away.

One thing I did notice this month as did my husband, I didn't have my regular cycle of overall grumpiness/pms.

Article on reflexology and fertility

Tuesday, February 5

1. cheerios (84) + s.milk (130)
2. yogurt (60) + 1 tbsp. strawberry jam (60) + 1 tbsp. ground flax (30)

3. leftovers from last night (?400?) + 4 olives (35)
4. 20 almonds (110) +
clementine (35)
5. smorgasboard of stuff (samosas, 1/2 blue label pizza, mini crab cakes)
6. 2 dark (70%) chocolate squares (105)

Water: 80fl.oz.


So why the chocolate most days??? Prevention (Feb) issue talks about belly fat and foods that help reduce it, the belly fat diet if you will but I like a few of the five they recommend adding to your diet (the good fats) and of course dark chocolate keeps me so happy. Those 2 squares after dinner keep me from snacking all night long.

I've decided if I eat more then my 2 squares a night (I take the bar apart and wrap up each serving) that the chocolate goes and I won't have it for awhile.

There are five major categories of MUFAs: (1) oils, (2) nuts and seeds, (3) avocado, (4) olives, and (5) chocolate. Eating one serving of any of these foods at every meal will help reduce your accumulation of dangerous belly fat; control your calorie intake and you'll lose inches and pounds, too..."

Monday, February 4

My sweet husband for just a moment yesterday showed me his true excitement for hopefully this being it, he hugged me and said "any sign yet?" and I said "nope" and he poked my tummy and said "hello in there" I think I fell in love with him all over again times ten! I know we both want to get our family started and that little moment just solidified for me just how much we really really do want our first little one, we are ready.

1. cheerios + s.milk
2. clementine
3. large salad w/ceasar dressing + left over steak
4. s. yogurt + 1 tsp. g. flaxseed + banana
5. tunpacktu (or something like that from ESBM p.111)
6. dark chocolate

Water: 107 fl.oz.


Poor Daytona was so sad when we got home yesterday. He loves playing up at the cottage with Brandy and Max's grandparents brought him up too so it was triple the fun! :-)

Sunday, February 3

Drive home was a 1000 times better then the drive to Hanover!

1. 1 crab cake + scrambled eggs + v. yogurt (100 call) + 3/4 c. of juice + 1 english muffin
2. part bag of doritos (eat these on the drove back home)

3. kashi bar (150 cal)
4. french bread
5. steak + ceasar salad (eating too much ceasar salad lately) + baked cajun mini potatoes
6. chocolate

Water: 100 fl. oz.

Active: recuperating from a couple of wipe outs on from sliding yesterday! lol

Saturday, February 2

DAY 10
1. 2 eggs + 2 slices of bacon + 2 green tea + 1 slice of white bread/toast
2. 1 strawberry yogurt

3. 3/4 cup of layered salsa dip + ww tortillas
4. lasanga + ceasar salad
5. apple crumble + 1 frozen yogurt scoop
Water: probably 100 fl.oz.

Active: SOOOOOOOO much sliding and time spent outside today, felt AWESOME! I wish I enjoyed being outside at home more but we don't have much property and sliding is out of the question unless you want to drive somewhere. hoping we'll spend family day up at the cottage.

My sister's boyfriend packed down a bunch of snow at the top of our sliding hill and even carved steps into it! lol was just enough height to get us down the hill, over the driveway, to the other side of the lawn and down that hill into the trees below!

Friday, February 1


It's stopped snowing but who knows exactly what it's doing everywhere else. Hopefully we'll be able to pack up right after work and get on the road to Hanover and hopefully we'll make it all the way there with no road closures and zero visibility to worry about.

1. cheerios + s.milk
1 green tea

6 mini pitas + hummus + 3 olives
3. yogurt + kiwi + flaxseed
4. almonds
5. wheat & carrot muffin + large 2% milk from Tims
slice of pizza, 4 wings, bit of spinach dip + 1 pita

Water: 80 fl. oz.

if clenching my fists as we made the drive to Hanover in the snow storm counts then I was active. the roads weren't even plowed but that wasn't until we where beyond the half way mark or we would have turned back. but we made it and then we ate some bad stuff and went to sleep.

This is our little guy with is uncle Brandy, who we'll be seeing this weekend as well. they have so much fun together especially there with all the property to roam and explore. Like two kids you let out in the morning who come back at night beat and soaked from playing so hard.

We play pretty hard too when we are there. Here's my dear husband testing out the little GT snow racer (it belonged to a couple of kids visiting when we where up last time) As you can see its kinda small. But Canadian tire had them on sale this week so we picked up the PRO, which is suppose to be bigger and longer for adults.