Tuesday, April 3

20 pounds in 10 weeks...... this is the challenge my personal trainer has set out for me. Week one done, pounds lost n/a as it's "that time of the month" who can really say for sure... I'm staying away from the scale for now.

Biggest changes I've made since last posting:

  • We have a pup now and he gets me out for a nightly 20-30 minute walk everyday! Big bonus!
  • I eat breafast every morning, granted it's usually the same thing and my pt would like me to ad some variety, it is a huge leap considering that for years I have not been eating breakfast period
  • having a personal trainer. very lucky! met Nancy at a tradeshow I was shooting and through some conversation we have worked out an agreement that suits us both, and we both benefit from one and others expertise!
  • down so far 12/13lbs, petering on 196.something (again that time of the month). realizing I could have made more gains or rather losses in that last 2 months but I'm not beating myself up about it, still made progress and now it's time to get a little more serious.
  • Journally/recording my food and sending it to Nancy (pt) this is big cause I know someone is going to review what I have eaten! oh dear! the embarrasement if I don't stay on track!

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