Wednesday, August 27

Quick recap - Vacation wrap up!!!

So holidays where just beyond FANTASTIC and so full and fun with tons of laughter. However next time we'll be reversing the order and getting the obligatory family stuff out of the way first and then heading to Halifax for more fun.

Tuesday - early morning flight to Halifax, time spent with Kiran and her mom, massage & facial then amazing dinner and wine at Nectar with Kiran and her husband

Wednesday - stupid crazy 4 hour hike after a 1+hour drive to cape split outside Kentville - thought I'd died but I did it and am slightly proud but also embarrassed at just how horrible my cardiovascular health is. Husband arrived/flew in at about 11pm

Thursday - was dubbed crazy tourists day... Peggy's cove, lunch/drinks, museum/walking downtown Halifax, more appetizers/drinks, walking, Keiths Brewery tour, little shopping, apps/drinks, grocery store for snacks and back to Kiran's place

Friday - up early to pick up rental car, breakfast with Kiran and Ron, onto Citadel Hill for teary eyed good bye, Citadel tour, saw the 78th Highlanders perform, back to the car, hooked up the GPS and headed for Fredericton. Arrived Fredericton around 6pm, Mom arrived after 7pm (she thought it was a house warming party my sister was having) Big surprise for her to see Jamie and I there - dinner then sleep, awful sleep on air mattress. moved to mom's place with a room in basement and our own bathroom... thank goodness.

Saturday - market, then headed to soon to be brother-in-law's family cottage for the afternoon on yo-ho lake, dinner out there and kayaking

Sunday - breakfast with sister and soon to be brother-in-law, then off to get suited up for some river tubing, mm came too. SO MUCH FUN!!!! loaded up in a van with tubes in the trailer and they dropped us off up the river (Nashwaak) and three hours later and a cooler (yes even a tube for the cooler) we arrived back at parking lot/tubing place. Nap and then dinner at Pano's (great Greek restaurant)

Monday - Kings Landing (haven't been for about 15/16 yrs) love it there, even went to camp there. it was a morning for just Jamie and I - then lunch with mom and sister - then some downtown sight seeing and museum. Dinner at sister's home. started to pack... Kiran totally spoiled us and we had to buy a duffle bag to get all the stuff back home (linens, dog treats, aveda bath salts, skin care products, duvet cover.. totally spoiled we are).

Tuesday - finished packing, time with mom then on the road with sister to Saint John to take our Nanny out to lunch then a visit with Aunt too... lazy stroll around the market and waterfront before heading to the airport to catch our early evening flight. Fly to TO, luggage, sky train to parking lot, pay and drive home... in bed by 10:30pm

Wednesday - back to work...

Just one of those great vacations that you did so much you feel like it was longer then a week... not dying to get home and not wishing it where over just yet but over all content and feelin' accomplished.

*sign* But I'm totally looking forward to some extra sleep tonight. lol And spending time with Mr. Daytona... missed him SO much!!!

think that about sums it up for now... off to check the P.O. Box after work and then think about what to make for dinner tonight... urgh need groceries badly....

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