Friday, September 19

I love "checking-in" with my naturopath.

I've been feeling unsettled since coming home from our holidays on the east coast and I don't know what it is... I feel like I should be planning something BIG, working toward something, DOING something. But instead I was reminded in my session yesterday to just sit in this calm place and see what comes to the surface....

We started on a journey with TTC this time last year and it took me (and my cycle telling me) until the spring to realize I was making myself, making my body crazy and throwing it all out of wack. So instead of trying yet another diet of which I knew I would fail and couldn't bare to start face more failure, more let down by my body I decided to start working from the inside out. Started TCM, seeing a therapist, slowing down and stopped beating myself up about where I'm at, where my body is at, and where my head is at.

So I'll wait, I'll sit on this calm but restless feeling and see what unfolds for me next.

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