Saturday, October 2

The dentist appointment

.... for 3 years I've told them can't take x-rays today we're trying to make a baby... no, nope sorry, no over and over again and this time I told them yes, yes you can take them cause we still aren't pregnant and I know today that I'm not in a window of waiting. Then it was the most eerily quite dental cleaning to date. As though this woman had a profound sense of sadness for what I must be going through 3 years under my belt unsuccessful still.

I feel like so much has happened since my last post so I'll try to keep this simple for now...

- operation leave my f/t job is still in effect however it's been bumped to March 2011... my husband works on boats, big ones but still his hours can be effected during the winter months so as much as I want to pout and stomp my feet and cry NO, NO, NO.. I will stay put until March.

- I'm working with a business coach, a women's business coach and she's helped me (in only two sessions) identify and push through some of my core beliefs that have been quite possibly sabotaging my success. It feels good, it's going to be a lot of work but failure (meaning staying in this job and not acknowledging my true authentic self and all that I love and want to be) is not an option at this point. Five years is enough

- I'm so tired. I'm working like crazy at the moment. The fall season is always a busy time for me so add a busy fall to an already busy schedule of web work and photo shoots and a BIL getting married among other things makes for a busy, stupid schedule

- DH and I are going to see my psychologist together. Not because we're hanging of the cliff to anything bad but because we need to make sure we're both hearing each other as we move forward with the changes to come over the next several months. I'm so happy he will come with me. Maybe there are thoughts he hasn't quite been able to work through that could be keeping us from soaring.

- Saw the doc again last month after our holiday from all things fertility over the summer. I can hardly believe we did 2 iui's in the spring... that seems so long ago. So new plan... DH will do another SA in 2 months after he's diligent in taking his vitamins etc. After those results there might be some u/s and a new doc in the mix for my husband to see... oh yeah you can imagine the freaked out'ness that DH had. Hopefully it won't get that far though. I will be have a Lap done in January... preferably late January to see if there's something else that we can't see at this point that might be hindering our efforts. But in the meantime we'll just be enjoying having sex because we want to and reconnecting because we need to... outside of the fertility stuff.

- I saw a psychic. I've never done that before... ever and always been scared of what I might hear. I really only had two questions for her... will I have my own biological child(ren)? and will I be successful in my business? The answer to both in a nut shell... yes. I'll dedicate that story to a post all it's own.

So that sort of brings you up to speed on what's been going on. We had a nice holiday in the maritimes the end of August ending it off with my sister's very small and simple wedding. I took the pictures and then I cried as we left town that morning for the long drive home because I didn't have enough time to soak up my amazing nephew. I miss him terribly and wish I could drop the money without much worry on a flight just to be with him for a weekend. It's starting to hurt more then ever before seeing chubby little faces of babies and children all around us.  We are just so aware and I want to believe that a little smile from those babies and tots that have crossed our paths and locked eyes with ours as we gaze and admire them.. I want to believe they're smiling back is letting me know we'll be ok... our turn is coming.

As I was babysitting a girlfriend's son a few weeks ago and I stayed close to his bed until I was positive he was headed to dreamland I whispered to him to ask the angels above to send us a little one as precious as he was.

an iPhone snap taken during the long drive home

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