Wednesday, November 1

Day 7

A Positive Way to Look at Yourself
Do you weigh your self-esteem on the bathroom scales? Do you "feel fat" some days? Do you compare your body to other people's?

If you answered YES to these questions you are not alone, many people, especially women, are dissatisfied with their bodies. Body image is the mental picture you have of your body plus the feelings and judgements you have about this picture. This picture is often very inaccurate and has little to do with how you actually look or how other people see you. With positive thoughts and lifestyle choices you can change your body image and how others respond to you.

Ten Steps For Building a Positive Body Image

1) ACCEPT YOURSELF- Feeling good about yourself starts with accepting who you are and how you look. After all, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. For some people, it may mean giving up the fantasy that being slimmer would lead to a happier life. Focus on your good qualities and pass over any negatives. Feel what it's like to love your body unconditionally. Treat your body with a bubble bath, a massage, or a manicure.

2) STEP OFF THE DIET ROLLER COASTER FOR GOOD! - Dieting brings temporary weight loss, but 1/3 to 2/3 of the weight is usually gained back in the first year. Almost all the weight is gained back within five years and sometimes much more.The cycle of losing and gaining can be harmful to your health and it can lead to frustration, anger and an even poorer body image. So, stop dieting. Instead, eat well and enjoy being active.

3) ENJOY EATING WELL - Eat for energy and for pleasure. Follow Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Choose more grains, pasta, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Choose lower-fat dairy products, leaner meats and foods prepared with little or no fat and see how good they taste.Ask yourself if you are eating because of hunger or for some other reason. Learn to trust your body to tell you when to eat and when to stop.Don't worry about having a chocolate once in a while. The trick is to only "indulge" once in a while! Think of balancing what you eat over the day or the week and remember that moderation is the key.

4) ENJOY BEING ACTIVE - How about a noon-time walk, a family hike or a swim with friends? Physical activity lets you enjoy the outdoors and helps you deal with stress while making you feel more energetic. All this helps you feel good about yourself.

5) CREATE A MENTAL SPA - Right now, go ahead: breathe deeply and relax. Think of a place where you feel peaceful, relaxed and contented. Doesn't it feel good to slow down and let go of your responsibilities for a while? Experience the magic when you quiet your mind and let yourself enjoy the stillness.

6) MAKE YOUR IMAGINATION WORK FOR YOU - Everyone has 5000 thoughts every hour! And you can choose thoughts that encourage you, or ones that drag you down. Use your imagination to practice attitudes you want in your life. Act as if you like your body and feel what that's like.

7) LOOK YOUR BEST ALWAYS - How you keep yourself shows how you feel about yourself. Wear clothes that fit and give away the ones you never wear. For fun, try a new hair style, tie on a scarf or indulge in a new pair of earrings. And remember to smile. It gives you and everyone you meet a real boost.

8) GET SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Ask for help when you need it. Organize a group of friends or find a buddy and help each other meet your goal to be the best you can be. Think of ways to create lots of fun and laughter for each other.

9) BE THANKFUL - To take your mind off negative thoughts, make a list of 10 things that give you pleasure and keep this where you can see it. Make another list of the beautiful aspects of yourself -- all the things your friends have complimented you on. This helps you realize how beautiful you really are.

10) EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVE SELF - Do things for fun -- instead of competing or trying to be perfect! Have fun expressing your personality through crafts, sewing, cooking, decorating, gardening or anything else that helps you feel happy. Know that you are unique and express it!

SUMMARY -- ONE POSITIVE STEP AT A TIME - Developing a positive body image is a gradual process. Relax, take your time, and congratulate yourself every step along the way as you learn to accept your body. And remember ... enjoy eating well, being active and feeling good about yourself.

1 - halloween candy (10pts), cantalope + tea (no point in lying about it)
2 - halloween candy
3 - chicken, cheese, veggies + dip
4 - 2 h.boiled eggs
5 - curried chicken, peppers, onion + jasmine rice
6 -


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