Tuesday, October 31

Day 6

Is lack of sleep robbing you of your goals?
If you surveyed the millions of us who don't get much sleep, chances are they'll say that the #1 reason they don't is "lack of time." In other words, people have too much to do to sleep. Late hours and frantic mornings are the rule. Who has time for more sleep? What this tired group doesn't realize is that a sleep debt is probably keeping them from acting and thinking at full strength, making even the easiest tasks harder to do. And take longer. Believe it or not, you can probably get more done in your day by getting more sleep. The mental and physical pick-up more than make up for that extra hour or two in bed. - www.sparkpeople.com

1 - toast w/pb, s.milk
2 - banana, almonds
3 - dry salami sand. with mustard, lettuce & ww bread + hummus, crackers
4 - orange
5 - Mr. Noddle
6 - halloween candy (I totally caved and eat mini chocolate bars)

Water 96 fl.oz.

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