Thursday, September 20

Here I am again, little heavier and once again wanting to loose the weight. I keep wondering when it will finally click... but I think slowly but surely I'm getting it.... the idea that I can't jump on the bandwagon for a few weeks and then resort to eating poorly or let my workouts fall off track, I need to just put my nose to the ground keep at it and not expect anything other then feeling better and know in my heart that the weigh loss will follow.

today TOM is here and the scale this morning read 209!!!! 209!!!! but when I was on it on Tuesday it was only 206 as I listed in week 1.

biggest thing at this point is really and truly starting to act/think/pretend I am pregnant! I want to become pregnant and now I need to really get my mind around that so I'm being better to myself so I can be better able to enjoy growing/carrying a healthy baby for 9 months.

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