Wednesday, January 2

for Christmas my husband gave me beautiful ring, one that I wanted when we had our first child. as we are still in the 2 week wait period to see if Santa left us with the most precious gift of them all I'm trying to do what I've always said I would do, eat as though I was/am pregnant. New years eve I scarfed down the last of the cheeses I had bought, chocolate is all gone and more salads and veggies being prepared.

Last night I made the "waist" management soup. Want to try and stick to that eating plan to bring down the bloating, clean me out my system and get things moving again. ah yeas again, I have a bit of dislike for that word.

breakfast: ww toast, PB, s. milk
snack: strawberry yogurt
lunch: soup
snack: 3oz bbq steak
snack: 12 shrimp + 1 c. veggies w/dip
dinner: sausage and peppers with spaghetti
snack: -

water: 64 fl.oz.

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