Wednesday, October 22

well AF arrived a couple days early so I guess that's a good thing.... time to get this TTC show on the road and get another month under our belts. LOL

Thank you Margie for your company Saturday night and the bottle of wine!

I've ordered up the fertility aid supplements (a his & her combo) but nothing has arrived yet but I'm hoping it arrives by Friday.

This weekend I get to go to the lakehouse and see my Aunt and my Nanny. I'm not entirely looking forward to this... no actually I'm NOT looking forward to it at all. Yes this is the Aunt who will become a grandmother for the first time summer 2009, my cousin & his wife are pregnant. As much as I am happy for them I also want a little respect as not to have it rubbed in my face as though it was a competition I lost! But when I called last Friday night to say hello, knowing they had arrived on Thursday my Aunt got on the phone and chose to sing song as though she was a kid in the playground taunting someone "I'm going to be a Nanny, I'm going to be a Nanny, I'm going to be a Nanny" over and over again. I mean how can I not have my defences up walking into something like that.

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Christy said...

Oh no. I had wanted to write you a few weeks ago but time got away on me. I'm sorry you are going through this. I know I can't quite compare as I already have Carson, but since my m/c this summer I find I often have the very same thoughts that you do, about being jealous when others are pregnant, feeling angry and mad and then feeling guilty for feeling like that. It's a highly emotional time so please don't beat yourself up over your feelings, they are totally normal.

I am thinking of you often, and hope your journey ends soon, with very exciting news. It's so easy for other people to say, just don't stress so much and it will happen. I want to punch those people out.

Good luck