Monday, November 3

weekend was great... productive, peaceful, quite, relaxing

I raked up the leaves on saturday and I have to say my hands are sore, but to keep them moving I started a new knitting project.... a simple 12 stitch width scarf that I'm planning to give my sister for Christmas. We're trying to cut out some of the expense of gift giving this year... fingers crossed we can keep the spending down and our family will appreciate the personal touch vs. the plastic gift card. Also my sweet husband washed my car and I cleaned it out, the winter tires are stack in the garage and ready to be put on, halloween stuff down (not that there was alot of it) but I couldn't get dh to put up the christmas lights (don't worry we wouldn't have turned tham on yet)... he told me that should only be done when its really cold out, tradition I guess to freeze you're fingers off while you do it. LOL

just about every piece of laundry is done, folded and away minus the stuff we had on... I love it when the laundry actually makes it into the drawers and the closet... I mean that is why we bought the nice new side/table dressers and closet organizer! lol

This is the time of year where I get into purge mood BIG time. Partly because it really needs to be done but also its me preping for our annual NY shopping trip with my step mom, her sister and their gf. This will be our 4th year. And of course a sign of the times we aren't going to go all the way to Rochester (2 night stay) and
instead opting for a day trip to the Buffalo area since they are finally getting a Christmas Tree Store (that is a pre-requisit for our decided destination, there has to be a CTS). CTS, TJMaxx and then likely the Walden Galleria and lunch at the cheese cake factory... oh my yummy! the purge keeps me from over spending and buying up stuff we really don't need and I never deviate to far from my shopping idea list. I'm even purging some furniture peices. I love it when everything has its place and a place for everything but getting there is a work in progress... watch... I'll get it all done in a couple years and we'll move.

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