Wednesday, March 4

here we go...

another window has opened and its that time of the month again. sometimes I think I could have a panic attack when I think about the fact that is march already

but I have to do my best to keep my mind from analyzing every possible fertility or infertility scenario, keeping busy but not too busy because I don't want to the extra stress, but busy enough that I don't think about the fact that if we aren't pregnant by spring time for the next step... I'm changing sprint to mean May... just so you know. lol

Accupuncture Thursday

I think I'm going to need a walk tonight to clear my head!


IVF Girl said...

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It's funny how one day you feel one way and the next day you feel so different. Today I feel hopeful. I'm going to pick a donor, I have over 90% chance of getting pregnant this way, and hopefully, early next year I will be a mom. I will, of course, love that baby with all my heart.

IVF Girl said...

Oh, I meant to ask about Acupuncture. How many times have you done it? Do you feel any different? Might it be working? I'd like to try it. I'm hoping insurance will cover it, but I've been procrastinating as usual.