Tuesday, March 10

over before we hit go

My very sweet husband has had a few waves of grump since Sunday... something is wrong with is knee, x-ray at the clinic didn't show anything broken but he still can't bend it, put weight on it and its causing him a lot of pain. So off to the doctor's on Thursday (we where lucky to get that appointment!), I'm going to drag him to the chiropractor tonight just to see if there is anything he can suggest. My husband is a worker, he HATES being stuck on the couch day and night (yeah he's sleeping there too). And since starting crossfit he's lost a full pant size (down to 34 from 36) and we just cleaned out his side of the closet so now he's worried about putting that weight back on sitting on the couch.

I'm hoping with everything I have left in me that this is just something odd that will need a little attention but will be better very soon and not something major.

so for this month I'm going to guess we where unsuccessful in conceiving.

I've decided not to order any more Fertility Aid supplements, we've been taking them for 5 months.. I think we're past the point of them working out for us. I'm kind of at peace for the moment with the whole baby thing. No dire need to book appointments at the doctors or fertility clinic... just going to sit on it this month and see where this bump in the road with my husband's knee takes us.

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