Thursday, July 29

little rant...

Pregnant Yuppy was having a little rant over on her blog about the advice people seem compelled to share now that she's expecting... post here so here's a little rant of my own in a different direction.

Have you noticed the number of friends who are moms who like to poke fun at your desire to be a mom too? I've noticed this recently in the women closes to me... the comments go something along the lines of them complaining about what has been happening recently with their little one(s) and then they top off the complain with a "sure you really want to get yourself into this?" and we laugh like it's no big deal and bah ha ha the jokes so going to be on you when you have one. "sure you want a child?"

Nope.... I've just been throwing money away on tests and vitamins/supplements and acupuncture, reflexology, massage therapy, ov watch sensors, opk kits, pregnancy tests, iui(s), HCG shots, clomid... you know just cause I've got the money (not!) and it's burning a whole in my pocket so what the hell might as well shoot the money gun off in an effort to get to mommyhood.

Yes I get that it's going to be harder then I can ever possibly imagine at this point in my life without a child but COME ON... I've been working hard to get there and with every story you tell about how difficult it is and asking me if I'm sure I want this... (yes I fucking want this) These moms quickly forget switching gears from complaining to telling a story about what their child said or did just the other day that would just make your heart melt... yeah what sane person would want that?!


Amaprincess said...

Or the ever popular joke "if you want kids...take mine for the won't want them after that".
What I want to reply is "No I don't want YOUR kids...I want MY kids...MY kids won't be brats like YOUR kids"

However...I think I would have no friends left

margie said...

When I first started to read I was like "oh my God! Am I one of those people??!!!?" Then of course, I kept reading and realized I don't really fit in with your description...I feel for you though! Geez, I'm certain it's so frustrating when people discount your journey.


Dea.nna said...

When I mention sleeping in or staying out late, my girlfriends used to comment that I wouldn't be able to enjoy those "luxuries" once I had kids. I should enjoy it while I can. Oh gee, no kidding!!! But you better believe being able to sleep in and skip out for a quiet weekend with DH are some of the few perks to being childless so I WILL enjoy them...and one day I will cherish being exhausted from waking up every 3-4 hours to feed a perfect baby! thankyouverymuch!

Megan said...

My husband makes this comment now that we have children and we struggled with infertility. I called him on it, cause it rubbed me the wrong way. At least for him, I think it's more making a joke about how the kids are acting - and trying to distract attention from their behavior as opposed to implying that our friends don't know what they are in for. That being said, he agreed to stop using that joke.