Tuesday, November 9

I did it!

Ok I have thought about so many of you for the last few weeks wanting and needing to share with you that I did it! I resigned from my job... project leave my job 2010... DONE! Checked off the list! :-)

This is my second week in f/t self employment land and I've been seriously rocking it. Everything is falling into place perfectly and the work just keeps on coming... photo shoots and web work too.

I'm feeling so full of possibility on what the next few months will bring. I know I have more work to do on so many levels but oh my god ladies it feels so amazing to feel like 'me' once again. The person I was 5 1/2 years ago only smarter and more willing to do things that scare the crap out of me.

Here I go!


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Christy said...

I'm so very excited to read this news! It takes a leap of faith to leave the comfort and security of a job to become your own boss, but not anyone I know who's done it has ever regretted it. You sound more like yourself than you have in a while. Good job, one step towards true happiness!

Anonymous said...

I am so fucking proud of you and excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Such exciting news!! Congrats girl