Monday, January 17

Clairevoyants and TTC

I started this post Dec. 21, 2010... oy!

Ok I'm going to just try and keep this brief since I'm not entirely sure anyone is still reading lol

I had a short 15 minute session with a clairvoyant before Christmas and I have got to tell you that it brought me so SO much peace. Now I realize this isn't for everyone but for me I value what she had to say because another friend of mine had a reading with her a very long time ago and was hold when she'd conceive and that she'd have a boy and then x number of months later a girl and well.... that's exactly what happening so I have to give this woman credit in that she obviously has a gift.

So what's the big news as far as conception goes for my DH and I... we'll conceive this year! YES YES YES! She might as well have told me I was pregnant I was so relieved and excited and relieved. Now she did tell me the 2 months it will likely happen by but I'm keeping those under wraps until I have something to share with everyone. Nothing like the stress of people asking if we're pregnant yet if they know the months too.. right?!

I've taken myself off the list for a lap (she told me we'd require no medical interventions, but did ask me if I'd been tested for acid within my uterus so I'm exploring what type of diet will bring this into check and even ordered some pH strips to pee on). I'm feeding my body better foods and I just feel so great knowing that our little one is going to be conceived this year. I didn't even ask what the sex of the baby would be... she also told me by the time our first was 14-16 months we will conceive our second and that I will be really REALLY excited. She also told me I'll never work for anyone every again (thank you!)

That's about it for now though. I've just been working hard within my business, remembering to take some down time as much as I can to keep the stress at bay

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