Thursday, February 3

FB retards and my Boozin' sister

Anybody else sick of this "I'm expecting snow" bullshit on facebook? Has your heart sunk as you think bitch she's pregnant again only to finish reading and it's about expecting snow?! Grrrr

Seriously wish that more women could see beyond themselves and consider for just a moment how they're actions might effect others.

I imagine my own facebook status to someday read....

"...3 years, X months, more tears then one person could count in a lifetime, xx babies born to friends/family but never my own. Please forgive me if you are struggling with fertility but today it is my turn to tell everyone... I'm pregnant! And will from here on in subject you to ridiculous FB updates"

FYI. I'm not pregnant... not yet anyways. I'm seriously considering just falling off facebook land once I am though. Some status updates are just ridiculous.

Oh and here's a doozie or rather boozie... my sister. My nephew will be 1 this month and she'll be celebrating with a birthday party starting at 7pm with mention of munchies and to BYOB. Announced on FB. No mention of a "kid" related gathering that might be more appropriate for a 12 month old. WTF?!?

Ok rant done. Bed.

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