Thursday, October 26

Day 1

"There is a woman at the beginning of all good things" - Lamatine

Here I am again. Got on the scale this morning and WOW scary - 207.9lbs
I currently have 2 pairs of pants that fit comfortably, size 16 and a bunch of turtle neck sweaters, t-shirts and 2 blouses. My closet is full of clothing I can't fit into and a reminder of the confidence I use to dress myself with each morning. I don't feel necessarily less confident but my walk use to be stronger, my head held a little higher and my drive/ambition bigger/greater.

I've been saying for almost 6 months now that we'll start our family in another year, after I loose some weight. Well time is a wastin' and I'm only getting further and further away with each pound put on and each day wasted.

I know I can do this but I have got to go slow. I don't want, I can't, I WON'T fall off the wagon again. I promise to asses each meal and make sure it's the best it can be. And if not a workout I will do something just for me every single day.

I have so many fitness dvd's, books, books on tape, hypnosis cd's I HAVE the resources I just need to set aside a moment, 20-30 minutes to focus, visualize, dream, see where I'm going and do just a little each day to get there. Slowly but sure I know it will come. I will stop expecting huge changes in a matter of weeks and focus on each day, one day and not worry about tomorrow.

One of my clients and friends gave me some information probably a couple years ago now and this morning as I finally sit down and read it, really read it these 3 words stand out

Moderation - Consistency - Rest

This morning I'm ill prepared to eat properly today (no lunch/snacks) packed but I'll record it anyways so I can see it, read it, and make it real.

1 - 2waffles + l. syrup + 1 cup. milk + tea
2 -
3 - couscous n' lentil soup
4 - cheese
5 - steak + couscous recipe + salad w/l. ranch dressing
6 - pudding cup

Water - 96 fl.oz.

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