Friday, October 27

Day 2

Are You Neglecting Your Body?
If you crave chocolate as much as Aunt Marge does, you know that nothing else could possibly come first. Her tastes aside, food can actually be more of a foundation than a passion. To have an enriching & healthy life, fitness is a must. Good eating can be part of that fitness springboard that makes bigger things possible. The next months and years are filled with hard work that takes energy and action. If you're starving your body, depriving it of what it needs, you're handicapping yourself in the race for your dreams. And if you're filling it with garbage, don't expect much in return. This all may seem obvious, but too many people sabotage themselves by ignoring that simple fact. For so long, we've been hearing so many bad things about different foods, it's almost as if food is our enemy, one that can kill us or ruin our lives. Truth is, food- good food- is the thing that makes everything else possible. -

1 - ww toast + PB + s.milk
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