Saturday, September 5


to elaborate a little on my last post....

since we have been to the fertility clinic we have found a groove, a sense of peace with this TTC stuff that can make a women mad and her sweet husband run for cover. I feared that appointment for so long but after we got past that hump of that first consultation and decided what we wanted to do next TTC hasn't been so present in our minds... we know DH has slow swimmers (take TCM supplements... check) and we know I have an HSG (scheduled...Oct. 8th 1pm.... check)... so we're just kind of moseying along until it is time to make another decision. But just having made those first couple of steps has brought us together. we're no longer fighting to understand each other and what's going on with our bodies at this point.

We're on board for the TTC journey together, for the first time. The ov watch has taken the stress out of the timing, the fertility clinic has helped us decide what we wanted to do next with giving us options and so now we just live life. Wanting a child of our own is still there, present in our minds with those we see around us everyday but just kind of accepting and knowing we'll get there eventually making one decision at a time.

I'm sure it's a whole mish mash of things that has brought us to this point.... but it feels so good to be here in a place where we can still live life and hope it strong and we're content with where we are right now at this point in our lives.

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