Wednesday, September 9

My Hopes for 2009 - revisited (again)

... to figure out why we haven't conceived and take steps to make sure we do sooner then later

YES! YES! YES! finally got my scared ass self and my husband into the fertility clinic and the SA out of the way. Also of course got my ov watch and have an HSG scheduled for October 8th... after that we'll take the next step based on the results. But I have to admit that a little tiny piece of me is really hoping we get the BFP before the HSG... which would mean we'd have a due date very early in June! How wonderful would that be not to have to sweat it out pregnant in July & August... of course I'd take a pregancy either way.

... to continue my new marketing efforts with my small biz and keep saving for the new camera body and macbook I want to add to my equipment.

Marketing efforts are going better this last month or so then ever before after a seminar I attended last week really got me moving and working on my business.... the photography side of things anyways... the web stuff seems to trickle in all on its own. I've bought a new lens so far with my sights on another new lens next or macbook and then lens... I'm still undecided but the point is I know money is coming in and it is possible!!!!

... to keep up with my yoga practice at home as well as the two classes/week

YES! I am hitting the hard/sweaty yoga classes now vs the foundation classes and making it on average 3 times a week whenever possible.... however the fertility yoga dvd doesn't get much use at home... I prefer to be in the studio with a class.

... to make a daily walk with Daytona just part of my routine

FAIL... EPIC FAIL... but he is getting in really great runs a couple times a week at the dog park.... I still want to make a walk a daily in our lives though :-( I feel quilt enough as it is.

... to read and finish the book on procrastination I rec'd from my sweet husband

yeah... ahhhhhh NO... this book should have been purchased on CD or itunes as I have not picked it up since I updated in April... it has however made it to my bedside table... as if that matters! LOL

... do the work involved in completing "F.ast Tr.ack Photo.grapher" and do it well as to make the most of what is left of the year.

stalled on that too... I have great ideas that are in the works and I feel as though they need my attention at the moment... what I have learned so far has been good though and I will be finishing this book and the work surrounding it.

... to arrive to work on time, make that before 8:30 not at 8:30

overall... success... I slip now and then but I don't think it is anything to complain about

... to continue planning our weekly dinners/lunches, shopping with a list for the week ahead and eating dinner at the table with my most awesome husband

this is pretty much in the bag but if we slip at the beginning of the week it's a slippery slope for the remainder of the week and we both know it so we try very hard to stick to it. the fall and new starts always seems to focus us so we'll be working hard this month and next to get through a very busy fall without loosing the progress we've both made this year.

... do my bookkeeping for 2009 to date... I refuse to left another year pass without getting a hold of this and rushing to get it all done 2 weeks before the deadline! I've set my iCal to have the first 1/2 of '09 done by June 30.

yeah this is still on my iCal of things to do... I swear I will be finishing my bookkeeping and get it up to date this fall so I won't be scambling come April with the last minute crunch. no way in hell am I going to do it again. I've pushed the notice for it to be done back to November as Sept/Oct. are always crazy busy and I'm hoping November is full of photo shoots too... so far I have 2 scheduled!

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