Tuesday, September 29


i seem to be unable to function properly today and get anything done except for filling through all the unreads in my reader and adding to my list of 'to do'

this morning I went to the fertility clinic to have a blood pregnancy test done but oh lucky me not 2 hours later I get a call that the lab is backed up and I may not hear the results until tomorrow. CRAP!

So here's the run down....

- Today is CD 37 (21 DPO) and as you may already know I'm a pretty regular cycle kinda girl of 29-31
- Ov watch predicted ovulation on CD 16 which is stronger/earlier then the two months previous
- I did a HPT sunday first thing and it read negative
- last week during the early part of the day I had eggwhite CM.. WTF!
- I don't feel my period coming at all.. no usual signs and even my DH noticed that I wasn't PMSy
- I've been doing the 'whip and look' for 7 days!!!!

so i figured the blood test would put my mind at ease and tell me either way... half thinking of POAS again tomorrow morning too.... but I'm undecided

why in the hell does this have to be so complicated? I guess I never thought the drama would continue through this point of the waiting game and TTC. I've done a little reading online but trying to keep my mind occupied so I don't google too much but I just can't for the life of me seem to find my productivity mojo... like AT ALL... and I was so good yesterday and banging off one thing after another form my list but today I wish I could just go home and veg out on the couch and watch crap on tv for the day.

so what do you think? do you know a friend of a friend who's cousin was never able to get a positive on a HPT and still got pregnant? Or maybe got a negative blood test and still turnd out they where pregnant?.....maybe I'll be one of those crazy cases that I find out at 4 months that yes I'm actually pregnant.


Christy said...

I got two negative results on home pregnancy tests when I got pregnant with Beckett.

The whole early OV day is a bit curious, lack of PMS and the late days is leaving me pretty optimistic. Will be checking here and twitter for those lab results (and what poor timing for the lab to be backed up).
Fingers crossed......

Malinda said...

thank you Christy... this is exactly the kind of thing I needed to hear this morning!