Monday, October 5

AF has arrived

FINALLY my period has decided to grace me with her presence. That was a very odd and long 42 day cycle and I'm very much hoping I never have another one of those for a very long, long, long time.

I saw my friend and ND yesterday for some acupuncture and I think that definitely helped my body do what I needed it to do... get my period. Now the wait to see if the clinic will still send me for my HSG this Thursday. Oh my this is fun... isn't it?!

I usually have 3 days of flow and a 4th day of light/spotting so I've just told the RN by email I'd leave it up to her.

Now to try and keep myself from curling up into ball and crying from these cramps. Think it's almost time to start popping the menst.ral tyl.enol... the heating pad isn't cutting it anymore.

*fingers crossed* that I can still get the HSG done this week or next... I just don't want to have to wait another month or two to get an appointment. :-(

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