Thursday, October 8

my HSG story

okay so let's talk HSG

I seriously did not think my afternoon would go quite the way that it did but first what's most important... all things are NORMAL!! woohoo

BUT holy fuck that sucked! My cervix was hard to get at because it was high and the dr. was surprised at just how high it was... I'm all opened up and ready but they can't find the radiologist... wasn't a minute or two before he showed up... dye injected and needed an extra push to make it's way through my right tube but otherwise all things normal.

during the test i just kept on breathing and it was not as I was anticipating... it hurt more then I thought it would and then came after the test... OMG!!

I stayed laying down, tried to sit up after awhile but oh no my body was having none of it and I laid back down, then I was crying, then I thought for sure I was going to be sick and then I threw up... sat for awhile longer and the RN decided I was not driving myself home (yes drove myself there) so we called my husband but he was an hour away and then we called my friend who also happens to be my ND and she said she'd be there in a half hour or so but then the Dr. decided to send me to the ER just to be safe (for pain and fluids I guess). So I finally get myself cleaned up and dressed and they wheel me down to the ER and registration and I get my blood pressure checked and then I'm sitting and waiting in the waiting room. I waited so long I felt fine again.... cramping when away finally so I asked to leave and they tracked down a Dr. just to make sure and I was out of there... and then my DH showed up and drove me home. He was delivering a boat (marine tech) 3 hours away (of course of all days!). So my appointment was at 1pm and I'm now home again and writing this post at 5pm.

I'm of course relieved to have it done but I can tell you with all honesty for a brief moment I was thinking "fuck this.. kids... no thanks" BUT now I feel like I did before my appointment... Ok and on the last day of my period. But I'm going to be relaxing for the rest of the night... to think I thought I'd be running a few errants after the test.. HA!

If you have an HSG coming up DO NOT go by yourself. PERIOD!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is awful but glad that everything turned out ok. My cervix curves 180 degress but thatnkfully the HSG was literally nothing for me. Now you get some rest and just relax at home.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that yours did not go well. Honestly I'm a fainter and was worried. I had been thinking of back up plans in case I couldn't drive myself home. Thankfully, other than some cramping, I felt fine. I'm honestly glad that I didn't read this before my HSG or I may have been freaking out about what may happen.