Thursday, October 15

appointment booked

so as per Doctor's suggestion I booked an appointment.

Will be waiting till November 19th but I don't care at this point. I'm excited for a cycle after the HSG knowing that all is clear and looking good and I've decided that if we don't get pregnant this cycle then I will do a cycle monitoring next. If my cycle goes back to her usual 29/31 day routine then by the time I see the doctor I'll be well into my cycle monitoring at about day 16.

Today I got my "Fertile Day 1" from the ov watch and it's day 11 making 'O' day 15!!!

I'm relieved that I haven't taken such a long break from yoga and working out that my 'O' day didn't regress back to it's previous lazy day 21/23 standing. AND if we do succeed this month i won't have to worry about using clomid. *fingers are crossed* I think that if we don't get pregnant in the next 2 cycles I will do a round of clomid... perfect timing to get the script from the doctor too... oh wait.. how much is clomid?

Hopefully the flush out of the HSG will be just what my body needed to clear the way for my husband's lazy sperm. LOL Even he joked the other day that his sperm need a nap on their way there. Maybe they're just shy... thinking of trying that old stand by everyone says.. "just get drunk and do it" this weekend. LOL a little liquid courage.


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