Tuesday, February 9

Clomid round 2

onto another round of clomid we go... hi ho, hi ho! (insert whistling... which I'm unable to do lol)

I'm feeling sort of ok today.. just kind of achy though, like a cold might be creeping in on me. Or it could just be the kick me in the but yoga class from last night.. maybe.

But something that is way more exciting I must share with you is that for the last 8 days I have been sugar/junk free!!!! My husband and I both have committed to do what we always knew we should be doing for the entire month of February... today is Day 9 and I'm finding I go in waves of feeling great to "oh" maybe my body is detoxing from something else today... aka dull headache anyone... ick. But I'm also really hoping my efforts will pay off in the long run. Can I finally loose some stinkin' weight already?

You see I'm an emotional eater and I'm telling you now... I on a regular, daily basis I would eat something I should now... a donut, chocolate bar, chips, cake, fast food, ice cream, cookies... the list goes on... but here's the thing I would never EVER be able to eat just 1 of these things... I'd binge and eat 2 or 3 or a combination of 3-4 of these things all within the span of an hour and in secret. It's been a steady roller coaster of these actions that has brought my body to where it is today and I can't tell you what number that is cause I refuse to step on a scale (I'm a size 18 sometimes 16). I have in the last couple of months at my ND's office and she recorded the number and that was that... I don't want to know it and she knows me well enough to not share it, express emotion of excitement or disappointment but to just write the number down so at least someone has it. But for me to get on the scale everyday... yuck.. forget it... I refuse to allow a scale dictate my day, my mood, my success.

So where was I? Ah yes emotional eating... so as you can probably imagine 8+ days of not binging and eating crap is huge!!! I'm feeling better then normal... and much less doughy then I use to. I'm going to get on the scale at my ND's office next week when I go for acupuncture but again I don't want to know anything about the results the scale shares... just write it down and lets move on.

We're following a paleo approach to eating within reason to what we're capable of affording and giving up.. like no more bricks of cheese in the fridge but still some parmesan in there and no more breads... using gluten-free products here and there... baby steps, baby steps.


Christy said...

That's awesome, trust me I know EXACTLY what you mean about sugar leading to more sugar. Congrats, that's fantastic.

Fertility Chick said...

That's amazing! Way to go on detoxing from the sugar - you are so right it is a vicious circle. It's something that I really need to get in check too - how do you keep your willpower up? I was doing fairly well a while ago and then slipped back into eating all the junk. Send some tips my way! So proud of you!!