Friday, February 26

a weekend away

My husband and I are off to the big city tonight. Two nights away in Toronto at a really nice hotel, tickets to see the King Tut display and the great outdoor show on Sunday.

We're looking forward to just getting away even though the distance isn't as far as we might have liked it feels good that at least we're going somewhere to be together. I've been so busy with my small business, lots of photo shoots and new web/graphic work coming (on top of the day job responsibilities) in that we haven't had as much quite time as we'd like.

Daytona gets a weekend with his favorite neighbours and we get to just be together and away from the nagging "should do lists."

Also very excited to add... I bought some new pants this week... and they where a size smaller.. a 16. I have a few pairs that I've been wearing that gave me a serious case of poopy bum and my sweet husband... love him so much said when I got home and showed him the few new pieces that I got "well... you deserve it! You've been working so hard!"

I love him!


Fertility Chick said...

Have an amazing time! We really wanted to get down to see the King Tut exhibit - but not sure if that will happen. My cousin and her husband did the hotel package/King Tut exhibit package at the end of January and had a fantastic time!

Also? Congrats on the smaller pant size! Amazing!! That must feel good!! :)

Have a great weekend!!

Christy said...

Have a great weekend away, you guys deserve it.

And way to go on being down a size! And I love getting new pants that actualy fit!


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend!!