Wednesday, February 10

it's booked!

I'm off to visit my little sister and nephew mid-March... he's due Feb 12. I was feeling a little anxious about actually booking this trip originally but then out of no where my gf in Halifax emailed me and we had a back and forth about me going and yada yada... she's coming too!!

She is like a big sister... I've known her since I was 12 (now 31). She was originally my private tutor hired by my parents to help me overcome my struggles with dyslexia (while she was at UNB... she's now a child psychologist) and wham bam thank you mama she become a part of our family. My DH and I where in Hali 2 years ago this summer and he loved it there. so it's been awhile and I was so excited when she said she'd come to NB the same weekend. So more back and forth and now the plan is for me to fly in on a Friday night to Halifax, in the morning the two of us will make the drive to Fredericton NB and she's heading back on the Sunday and I'll fly out of Freddy late Tuesday morning so I have a couple more days with my sister and nephew.

If you've been reading my little blog for awhile you'll know I really struggled early in my sister's big announcement with the fact that it was her and not me. Finally I've been able to come to a place of excitement and it feels good to be here. My sister is a bit of a free-spirit and we're complete opposites but I love her for who she is and will love my nephew with open arms and full of excitement while still protecting my heart just a little. I would love to stand tall and be able to say I will be pregnant before I go for this trip but if history is to repeat itself that might not happen. Having my gf there will be a nice sort of distraction from what I don't have yet.


Amaprincess said...

I had the same feelings when my sister told me she was pregnant. I cried myself to sleep for many nights. Five years later, my nephew is PURE LOVE and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's great to be a fun aunt! have a good trip!

Malinda said...

Thank you! I just posted a picture of him... can't wait to meet him in person.