Monday, April 26

are you pregnant?

cause everyone else around us suddenly is... or just recently (we found out last) told us: from college - due in May
...guy from college and his wife who I'd also consider a friend - due in 2 weeks
...guy that owns husband's gym just announced they're expecting a third... a boy after 2 little girls
...dumbass guy at DH work.. that guys gf just had a boy days gf also pregnant with a boy and due this summer

all of the above... boys

maybe that means we'll be bring a little girl into this world soon.

text to husband:
I think I know what you mean. Makes it harder sometimes to beleive it will happen. Guess we're just going to come in last since neither one of us is very competitive. lol

I think you may be right, but we have had to work hard for everything else and it's all been worth it in the end, so this will be too!

could you not just eat him up?! Love him so much.

CD 11 today and u/s showed my 2 largest follies are 15mm on my left side. IUI is near.


Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone around me is pregnant as well. :( Fingers crossed for you!

Fertility Chick said...

Sending you lots of good thoughts! My fingers are crossed!!

Anonymous said...

Sending you lots of baby dust :)

Malinda said...

thank you ladies.... will post an update today or tomorrow on the week I've had.