Tuesday, April 6

CD 36

Just when I think I'm keeping my cool I get a little wrapped up in the impossible... all due to my body thinking its funny to mess with me

Barely kept track of CM, no clomid and only 1 morning of BD'ing all because I knew I'd be away visiting my sister and nephew during the "window" of opportunity and now it's CD 36. I have not tested... those dashes at the end are just me putting in my CM as dry to make the chart expand further.

Is there any point to hoping for even another second that we could be one of those couples that just gave up one month and planned to take on IUI the next month and BAM get pregnant?! I would love to believe it but I just can't. Have not POAS yet... but my husband is growing impatient too so maybe soon. I just know the disappointment I've felt the other two times I've had a long cycle (once in Feb 2008 and again Aug 2009... 48 and 42 day cycles... ridiculous! compared to my usual 28-32 day cycle).

Could it be that clomid really messed up my system that much that I have this random cycle happening this month? Has hell finally frozen over and it's my turn?

Of course now that I've poured all this into my blog I'm sure AF will arrive within the hour.

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