Friday, April 16

suddenly emotional

finally today after such a long wait that I'm not use to having to go through today is not CD 46 but rather CD 1.

I just got off the phone with the fertility clinic to let them know and I'll be going in Monday for first bloodwork + u/s and we'll be taking this 1 day, 1 visit at time to iui day. But making that phone call suddenly I'm feeling this flood of emotions. We tried for so long to do this on our own and as much as I want to finally be pregnant it seems to be hitting me that our bodies have failed us thus far. Or is it that now we'll be even more invested then we ever imagined we could be as we lay down more money or maybe it's the stress of the early money dash to the fertility clinic and barrelling down the highway to try and make it to work without the boss giving me the third degree as to why I'm 10 minutes late. Maybe it's just a flood of emotions and hope that this might finally be it... maybe this will be just the right 'mix' of events to get our BFP.

Please let this be our turn world.


Christy said...

I keep repeating the same things, but I have everything crossed for you. I can't imagine being where you are now and my heart aches with you. I'm praying and hoping that this is THE month. This is YOUR turn.

Malinda said...

Thank you Christy!

Started the cycle monitoring yesterday... and not back to the clinic until next Monday. So it's looking like the iui will happen mid-late next week but I'm pretty much just guessing at this point. lol