Tuesday, February 5

1. cheerios (84) + s.milk (130)
2. yogurt (60) + 1 tbsp. strawberry jam (60) + 1 tbsp. ground flax (30)

3. leftovers from last night (?400?) + 4 olives (35)
4. 20 almonds (110) +
clementine (35)
5. smorgasboard of stuff (samosas, 1/2 blue label pizza, mini crab cakes)
6. 2 dark (70%) chocolate squares (105)

Water: 80fl.oz.


So why the chocolate most days??? Prevention (Feb) issue talks about belly fat and foods that help reduce it, the belly fat diet if you will but I like a few of the five they recommend adding to your diet (the good fats) and of course dark chocolate keeps me so happy. Those 2 squares after dinner keep me from snacking all night long.

I've decided if I eat more then my 2 squares a night (I take the bar apart and wrap up each serving) that the chocolate goes and I won't have it for awhile.

There are five major categories of MUFAs: (1) oils, (2) nuts and seeds, (3) avocado, (4) olives, and (5) chocolate. Eating one serving of any of these foods at every meal will help reduce your accumulation of dangerous belly fat; control your calorie intake and you'll lose inches and pounds, too..."

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