Wednesday, February 6

Well AF arrived, no baby this month onto try #6. I'm okay, not nearly as disappointed as I was last month... thinking it might have something to do with my much healthier eating habits.

update: k, I thought I was okay until I called my friend (who is an RMT and owns her own clinic/spa) to book my second reflexology appointment. She reminded me I can't look at it as try #6 but just to stay focused on having a healthy happy baby and that it will happen, I just need to stay focused and open to it.

At my first reflexology appointment I was asked if I was ever diagnosed with endometriosis and I haven't but it left me wondering if my monthly cycle and cramping is something I should be worried about. I've always had cramps and I've learned over the years that the first point of action is my heating pad on my back, a couple of tylenol and back to bed for a couple of hours + regular visits to my chiropractor. My flow lasts 3 days and I'm a pretty regular 28 to 30 day cycle so I've never been concerned. But in typical fashion it would seem when you want something so much it seems so very far away.

One thing I did notice this month as did my husband, I didn't have my regular cycle of overall grumpiness/pms.

Article on reflexology and fertility

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Christy said...

I suppose I only recently realized that you are trying to get pregnant, and I'm sorry it didn't happen this month. I can remember consciously making the decision that we wanted to get pregnant and yep, it couldn't happen fast enough.

Keep being good to your body and it will happen. I know it's way easier said than done, but in a few couples who struggled with trying to conceive it seems the more they tried, and when it didn't happen, they would get stressed out and panicky, and then when they started to just take it easy and not worry too much, that's when it happened. Not great advice I know, but I think kyour friend had great advice, focus on having a healthy happy baby and it will happen when it's supposed to.

I'll be thinking of you.