Friday, February 1


It's stopped snowing but who knows exactly what it's doing everywhere else. Hopefully we'll be able to pack up right after work and get on the road to Hanover and hopefully we'll make it all the way there with no road closures and zero visibility to worry about.

1. cheerios + s.milk
1 green tea

6 mini pitas + hummus + 3 olives
3. yogurt + kiwi + flaxseed
4. almonds
5. wheat & carrot muffin + large 2% milk from Tims
slice of pizza, 4 wings, bit of spinach dip + 1 pita

Water: 80 fl. oz.

if clenching my fists as we made the drive to Hanover in the snow storm counts then I was active. the roads weren't even plowed but that wasn't until we where beyond the half way mark or we would have turned back. but we made it and then we ate some bad stuff and went to sleep.

This is our little guy with is uncle Brandy, who we'll be seeing this weekend as well. they have so much fun together especially there with all the property to roam and explore. Like two kids you let out in the morning who come back at night beat and soaked from playing so hard.

We play pretty hard too when we are there. Here's my dear husband testing out the little GT snow racer (it belonged to a couple of kids visiting when we where up last time) As you can see its kinda small. But Canadian tire had them on sale this week so we picked up the PRO, which is suppose to be bigger and longer for adults.


Christy said...

Aren't men like little kids when it comes to speed and anything that resembles a vehicle?

When I left work, instead of coming home and watching TV (which I fully intended to do) I went to the gym!

have a great weekend and enjoy all the snow :)

Mina said...

lol actually it was my idea to get it! lol GT doesn't have enough spead for him. unfortunately he just sold his snowmobile in the fall and now we're having one of the best winters for snowmobiling in a while.

Good for you on making it to the gym!

I'll post some sliding pictures soon.