Monday, February 4

My sweet husband for just a moment yesterday showed me his true excitement for hopefully this being it, he hugged me and said "any sign yet?" and I said "nope" and he poked my tummy and said "hello in there" I think I fell in love with him all over again times ten! I know we both want to get our family started and that little moment just solidified for me just how much we really really do want our first little one, we are ready.

1. cheerios + s.milk
2. clementine
3. large salad w/ceasar dressing + left over steak
4. s. yogurt + 1 tsp. g. flaxseed + banana
5. tunpacktu (or something like that from ESBM p.111)
6. dark chocolate

Water: 107 fl.oz.


Poor Daytona was so sad when we got home yesterday. He loves playing up at the cottage with Brandy and Max's grandparents brought him up too so it was triple the fun! :-)

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Christy said...

Ok, so wait, you are perhaps pregnant? This is exciting! As soon as my husband and I made "the decision" it couldn't happen fast enough, so I know exactly how you feel. Keep us posted!

And thank you for all the links to recipes!