Monday, February 11

feeling so PLUCK! I think ... no I know I over did it on the sugar this weekend and think I'm suffering withdrawl or something, awful headache yesterday and today and I just really REALLY don't want to be sitting here at this desk being reminded once again today that I'm completely unappreciated at this job and that I need to make a change fast before I loose myself completely.

there is a big anniversary party march 1 being held by my employer and I DO NOT want to go. I don't feel I should have to considering I do live 30 minutes away and why should I have to spend yet another 4 hours with some people that don't respect me or my work or my value to this company. Yes there are people I do enjoy working with here but we are all suffering from the same ill effect of working for this employer. I'm considering telling a little white lie that my husband got me a weekend in Niagara for valentines and we won't be in town. that's innocent enough isn't it?! even better if we actually do it LOL we've wanted to for awhile now.

looking forward to a massage wednesday and reflexology thursday....... :-)

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