Monday, May 5

holy yikes! tonight is it... the first class of my 10 weeks of learn how to roller blade. I really hope its a good class. I do want to learn but it freaks me out how it will be taught, how much experience other people will have, whether or not I'll make a total ass of myself and so on. I figure since its a 10 week thing... the are going to start with the basics. I don't even plan to put on my roller blades until someone tells me to. lol

1. ww toast w/PB + skim milk
2. banana
3. leftovers from last night (roast beef, potatoes, carrots, onion)
4. blueberries
5. more leftovers
6. dairy queen (husband brought home blizzards after his training tonight and I eat it) 770
He has been informed this is not to be a regular thing and we're knocking the treat factor down to one a week.

On the dog front. Remember how our Daytona was only getting 5 min. instead of his 30-45 minute walks? well last week was Daytona's first full week with our neighbour Rose. And by day 2 I felt like I was dropping my kid off to daycare for the day. I mean really that's what I'm doing. Rose has been amazing, he's been there all day.. she has a key to the house so he could spend the afternoon at home but she's kept him all day long! And when I pick him up I get the rundown on his day... which I love.. and Rose has a dog too, Teddy.. so he's still gettng socialized to dogs at the same time. I love knowing he had fun, was good and is learning and listening to someone else as well as he does us. I even pack his bag... the usually toys, treats, food/dish and a kong with peanut butter sometimes. He's our boy, a very spoiled fur kid! lol

I feel so lucky to have such great neighbours!

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