Friday, May 2

The photo shoot was a great success last night!

One more hour to go... I'm looking forward to a veg out weekend. Jamie is working tomorrow so I'm going to catch up on some PVR'ed shows and reading my new books that arrived this week. And I want to watch Juno again, such a great movie!

1. 2 hard boiled eggs (150) + strawberries (65)
2. salad (66) + dressing (140) + pork chop (239)
3. 2 oatmeal raisin cookies (380)
one of our co-op students is done today so this is better then a pizza lunch
5. salad (66) + dressing (70) + steak + a taste of each side salad (potato + tuna/mac)
6. chocolate milk + chocolate ice cream

Total: who the hell knows

YEAH weekend!!!!

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