Monday, May 5


I took my 30 minute lunch away from my desk and went for a walk!!!!
1.38 miles/2.22km, I can feel my legs firing. I'm kinda suprised I made it around in 30 minutes with the wind working against me for the better part of the walk and I was heading up hill for 1/3 of it.

I feel good, I feel alive! I have promised myself that I'm going to focus on one day, one day at a time. ONE day! I can do one day.

I have been asking myself this morning what will I do today for me, for my health and for all I want to achieve?

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Christy said...

Way to go!! Fitting exercise into your daily life, in a time/place that you can see yourself keeping it up at is KEY.

I think asking yourself what you can do today to reach your health goals is a brilliant idea.

Keep up the good work :)