Thursday, January 29


I had an acupuncture session with my naturopath today and an adjustment at the chiropractor. But the point of this post is the acupuncture... just thought I'd add it to the mix for this months baby making efforts... naturopath said its best to get as close to ovulation as possible... today is CD 10 and I have another appointment a week from today CD 17. I figure somewhere in there I'll be kinda close to ovulation.

Also she told me my calories where kinda low and suggested I start taking in 1700 based on my height, age, weight (guess on this since I refuse to allow a scale to dictate my mood). The concern is of course to be healthier but not to put my body into a starvation mode and in turn affect my already regular cycle.

I've started doing yoga again too... a bend, breath and conceive yoga practice and I'm really enjoying it, the breath and meditation has been awesome and I've had some awesome nights sleep this week.

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