Thursday, January 29

September Wedding

remember how I was all worked up about my sister's wedding and baby and when or if we would be attending with baby or fingers crossed a big belly??? well....... My sister and her fiance have decided to put the wedding on hold... they are still together but they're thinking they might do a destination wedding. You'd have to know my sister (a post all its own) but we where kind of thinking this might happen. I love my sister's spirit and zest for life... she lives in the moment but sometimes she has a tendency for neglecting to notice how her actions are affecting those around her... its been this way 4-EVER!!

Is it wrong that I'm kinda relieved? We hope so much that this year we'll be blessed with our own little one starting the next chapter as a family of three (+ one fur baby of course). And if that doesn't come and we're into some fertility testing etc I just want to be selfish and focus on us this year.... our relationship, our home, our family. Emotionally, financially and spiritually.

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