Tuesday, January 6

Good Morning!

2009... oh dear.... a new year feels like being thrown back to square one in some ways... why is that?

I've decided I'm not setting any new years resolutions but instead I'll make a note of what I'm hoping for 2009

I'm hoping...

... for a wonderful round belly in 2009 and a happy healthy baby to follow

... to make a daily walk just part of my routine (poor Daytona I have not been very good at the walks in part because my patience for the training has been exhausting at times but he did a fantastic job last night)

... to arrive to work on time, make that before 8:30... I've had a terrible habit of getting here at 8:30am but I've enjoyed being here sometime between 8:00 to 8:20am... makes the 30 minute drive in more relaxing when I don't have the clock ticking

... to put all my small business funds into paying down our debts and then tucking it away for new photography equipment

... to continue planning our weekly dinners/lunches, shopping with a list for the week ahead and eating dinner at the table with my most awesome husband.

... to omit procrastination from my vocabulary... I've realized this is a huge part of how I work and although I manage to always get what needs to be done done I want to stop seeing those same "to do's" on my list week after week. I know in doing so a lot of other things will fall into place.

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Elephant Steps said...

Procrastination .... that's a hard one isn't it?!! :)