Thursday, January 15

The Cardio-Free Diet

Ok I know some of you are going to thing cardio-free doesn't make sense but for me this makes a lot of sense and its Thursday and I haven't fallen off track with this program.

You can find Jim Karas book here and blog here (he will respond to your comments... just like he did for me)

After reading a post about someones 2 star review left on I felt compelled to share a little of my story. I love his words of wisdom/reply (also below)

Hey Jim,

After reading the amazon review I just felt I had to share a small piece of my story with you.

Your paperback "cardio-free diet" is the first diet book I've ever finished reading and not only that I finished it in one weekend.

I have a vast collection of DVD workout videos that required a 6 day a week commitment... I couldn't do it... the longest I was ever able to last was 2 months and the result was 13 inches lost and 2 lbs (3 day circuit/weights, 3 day cardio) or the time I went the personal trainer root and my sessions turned into a counselling session listening to her problems (stupid!) Again lost a bunch of inches but no weight and she wanted me to start eating 2200 calories a day...holy crap... I ran far far away, I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

I believe the DVD workouts 6 days a week was the start of my yo-yo dieting efforts and the continued self-talk of I just can't... couldn't possibly do enough to see the results I wanted. So my DVD/Book collection will soon be listed on ebay, the elliptical that's been sitting in our bedroom is going in the classifieds and although I'm not following the books diet to the letter (we are trying to get pregnant so I thought 1400 calories a day would be better) I'm eating smaller meals/snacks when I'm hungry, going to bed earlier, stopped beating myself up and focusing on getting in my 3 weight sessions a week (which mentally/emotionally I can completely handle). I haven't stepped foot on a scale (I think they are the devil and know how it has effected my efforts in the past, downward spiral of binge eating and lost hope). Last time I stepped on a scale I weighted 222lbs. I'm a size 18 and just 2 years ago I weighted 190lbs and 2 years before that 175lbs. It was at 175 that I started my 6 days a week circuit/cardio efforts.

The cardio free way speaks to me because I hate the thought of having to do cardio but actually enjoy lifting weights!

I've got the PVR set to record CityLine today! Can't wait to watch!



A few points:

1. You can go to 1,200 calories a day, even when trying to get pregnant because every pound you lose INCREASES your chance of conceiving.

2. When you are pregnant, did you know that you should probably not gain any weight. I know that may sound odd, but talk about it with your doctor. Right now, the guidelines say that if you are over 200 pounds, it is best for the mom and for the baby if you don't gain any more weight. Plus, it will be that much easier to lose the weight after the baby is born, especially if you choose to breast feed.

3. Strength train like crazy. I never realized that as babies grow, they are harder to get out of the crib (and you keep lowering it as they grow), put in the car seat, carry around, you name it. The added strength makes all the difference.

I want you to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and lean protein, just as it is outlined in the book.

And think really positive. Kids are the BEST and I wish you all the success in the world.

Keep me posted.



No maybe this isn't a direct reply from Jim himself (who knows, I'm inclined to think it is) but I've got a little spring in my step today after receiving some guidance from this New York Times best selling author (or his people) and just wanted to share my excitement for finally finding myself almost accidentally back on the wagon!!!!

On ABC News: (you may have seen him on CityLine yesterday or the view in April - more clips on you tube)

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